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  1. I'm just wondering if it's in the works to be able to use Alfred Remote outside of being connected on the same LAN? Thanks for the consideration!
  2. Thank you for taking your time and considering this dfay, I really appreciate it. And yea, I also have my TaskPaper files inside Dropbox so your specific fine tuning would work for me personally. I've contacted Gianni and linked to this thread so I'm hoping he'll get a chance to see this sometime soon.
  3. I downloaded the following workflow and have been having trouble using it to indicate the particular TaskPaper file I wish to append tasks to. I have corresponded with the developer, Gianni Rondini, but he couldn't find the reason why the Alfred workflow doesn't properly compute and he suggested I come here to see if someone might know what the issue is between the workflow and Alfred. I've screencasted the issue and uploaded to . The link to the workflow above explains how it works, but in short, the workflow works when creating a new TaskPaper list, but makes Alfred non respon
  4. Fantastic!!! Thank you Benzi for the updated icons!!
  5. Thank you for this workflow Greg. I'm wondering if the different layouts could be listed within Alfred's query and I could just use the arrow keys to go to the one I want?
  6. This is awesome! Thank you!! If we have the former Radium icon from v.2, is it possible to change the workflow to show that icon instead of the v.3 icon?
  7. Never mind. This is entirely a QS problem.
  8. Hi Alfred Developers, Alfred (2.0.1 [173]) isn't working properly with QS. When QS is running, there are times — not all the time — that when calling up Alfred with a hotkey, it doesn't remain onscreen. During those times, hitting the Alfred hotkey, my Mac (10.8.3) switches between full screen apps. When I quit QS, Alfred remains onscreen, but there are still times when calling up Alfred with the hotkey that my Mac again switches between full screen apps. Here's a thirty second video to illustrate: http://f.cl.ly/items/1X131p3y1N3Y330C1t0i/Schizo%20Mac.mov Thanks for the cons
  9. I LOVE YOU VITOR!! Thank you so much for this!! I used to use the Social Bookmarks plugin for Quicksilver to do this, but that plugin has been dead for a very long time. Haha this is AWESOME!
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