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  1. That looks good iandol - I will check it out
  2. If you are using Pandoc you might want to check out this post on the Bookends forum on generating a BibTex bibliography quickly from a static folder in Bookends https://www.sonnysoftware.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=4044. I invoke the script with an Alfred workflow.
  3. Hi Sabgaby, I am sorry but I don't have the time to look at changing this at the moment (busy writing my PhD). Will put it on my todo list for the future.
  4. Thanks deanishe, changing that line in the XML helped.
  5. Have just updated the script to allow for searching for diacritic letters (thanks to help from the Bookends script forum). Also made change to speed up processing for large databases (set script behaviour to automatic delay after last character typed)
  6. Have made a change to automatically paste the citation after selecting it. This is the default setting. It doesn't matter that only one author is outputted as Bookends will pick up the correct reference when you scan your document based on the UUID (the number at the end of the citation in the curly brackets)
  7. Thanks Easytiger for figuring that out. I will make an edit to my original post to ensure that people in the meantime capitalise the authors name. Will then look at changing the original script
  8. I don't think that the Applescript likes the - ÿ character. If I just type 'Vre' I get your entry, but if I type 'Vreÿ' I will get the error message. I don't know whether there is a workaround to this - I will have a look when I get some spare time. Ignore the <title> - <subtitle> comments in the log output - they indicate the title and subtitle of the XML fields that are outputted in Alfred and correspond to the author and the title in Bookends respectively.
  9. Sorry that there are problems. I will try and look at what the issue is - at this stage I am not sure as the script works fine for me. The only time I can replicate this is when the name of the author does not match the spelling of the author in Bookends. In the error log that you get you will see a list of author names and article names that the workflow matches, as you progressively type a name the filter will start excluding names (that do not match the spelling in Alfred) and the script will stop working when there are no names to match thereby triggering the error message in the log. Could you tell me whether the spelling is absolutely identical between what you type in Bookends and Alfred? The script will pick up any author name, whether it is a first, second or subsequent author. Also do you have multiple Bookends libraries or just one?
  10. Bookends Search is designed to search your Bookends Library for an author and paste either a citation or a formatted reference. The authors name must be correctly capitalised. There are three options for citations 1. Bookends citation (default) - {Author Year UUID} 2. Multimarkdown citation (⌘) - [#BibTexKey] 3. Pandoc citation (⌥) - @BibTexKey For the latter two options to work you need to ensure that BibTex is turned on in preferences in Bookends and that each reference has a BibTexKey There are two options for formatted references 1. Reference formatted according to selected reference style in Bookends 2. Multimarkdown formatted reference (⌘) - [#BibTexKey]: Reference Can download the workflow here Changes: 20160510 - update to paste citation automatically 20160524 - update to allow search for diacritic letters and speed up script processing 20160615 - update to change XML encoding
  11. A simple URL scheme to add a note to Notefile by Junecloud https://dl.dropbox.com/u/86554049/Notefile.alfredworkflow
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