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  1. I got this to work the way I wanted. This workflow uses bash scripts. However, one of the bash scripts adds osascript -e 'tell application "Finder" to activate' at the end to bring Finder to the front. I added this to others, like "fo" and "rf" and it works perfectly! thanks
  2. My use case for this workflow is usually this: I am doing something incredibly creative (!) and I need to reference a document from somewhere. I do fo (folder name) or maybe rf (select recently opened folder). The folder opens in Finder--cool! However, Finder is in the background. If I run this workflow with Finder in the background seems reasonable that I want Finder brought to the front so I can look at what I asked for. Any ideas about how to fix this in the workflow?
  3. Ha! Thanks. I didn't realize the environment variable was with Alfred. I was looking for a way to set it system wide on MacOS. No wonder I didn't find this. Works perfectly the way I want now.
  4. Okay, you've got me dazzled. How in the world do I set the environment variable to avoid opening new tabs? I have set it in .profile and in my .bashrc so that it is correctly set in bash terminal windows, but this has no effect on the Alfred shortcut. It still opens new tabs. I have searched and found nothing clear about how to do this. Weird stuff like creating .plist files. What's the best way? BTW, I love this workflow. Thanks for posting it.
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