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    Teodin got a reaction from deanishe in Duden Dictionary Search (with auto-suggest)   
    Hey! Great update!
    I think they changed something yet again. The workflow now generates the URL "http://duden.dehttp://duden.de/rechtschreibung/WORD"
    auto-suggest still works, so I guess it's something minor.
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    Teodin reacted to deanishe in Duden Dictionary Search (with auto-suggest)   
    Updated again today.
    What's new:
    Holding ⌘ on a result will show the URL. The workflow can now update itself and will notify you when a new version is available.
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    Teodin reacted to deanishe in Duden Dictionary Search (with auto-suggest)   
    There is no API, unfortunately. The workflow parses the website HTML.
    I've updated it to handle the changed HTML.
    Download from GitHub or enter duden workflow:update into Alfred to grab the new version.
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    Teodin reacted to rice.shawn in Google Translate (Languages Configurable)   
    Note: the original version of this workflow utilized an unofficial API that Google Translate exposed. Unfortunately, the Google has shut down the API. There is an alternative workflow that uses the official (paid) Google Translate API that you can find here: http://www.packal.org/workflow/translate-api. It's actually pretty cheap. 
    Here's a little ditty that interfaces with Google Translate. The upside of this one is that it gives you access to all of Google Translate's languages (or at least about 80 of them). You can enable/disable languages from inside the workflow.
    Find it on Packal.

    Current Languages:
    Afrikaans Albanian Arabic Armenian Azerbaljani Basque Belarusian Bengali Bosnian Brazilian Portuguese Bulgarian Catalan Cebuano Chinese Croatian Czech Danish Dutch English Esperanto Estonian Filipino Finnish French Galician Georgian German Greek Gujarati Hatian Creole Hausa Hebrew Hindi Hmong Hungarian Icelandic Igbo Indonesian Irish Italian Japanese Javanese Kannada Khmer Korean Lao Latin Latvian Lithuanian Macedonian Malay Maltese Maori Marathi Mongolian Nepali Norwegian Persian Polish Portuguese Punjabi Romanian Russian Serbian Slovak Slovenian Somali Spanish Swahili Swedish Tamil Telugu Thai Turkish Ukranian Urdu Vietnamese Welsh Yiddish Yoruba Zulu
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    Teodin reacted to rice.shawn in Google Translate (Languages Configurable)   
    Fixed it. So, v1.2 (now available on Packal) should work. Updates away.
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    Teodin reacted to widmr in openthesaurus.de - v2/3 Workflow   
    openthesaurus - Alfred v2/3 Workflow
    Alfred v2/3 workflow for searching for synonyms on openthesaurus.de.

    Type ot <keyword> and get a list of german synonymous.
    Enter will copy the word to your clipboard.
    CMD Enter will search the word on duden.de with a description. 
    Download & Installation:
    Click here for the ready to use .alfredworkflow file. Simply download the file and execute it for automagical install in Alfred.
    The source can be found at Github.
    Your feedback is very welcome - let me know what you think about it!
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    Teodin got a reaction from Subject22 in Wikipedia Auto Complete Workflow (Python)   
    Just look here: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/1005-wikipedia-workflow-alternate/
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    Teodin reacted to Krisso in Workflow for Wunderlist 2 ?   
    we will be adding AppleScript support in the next iterations of the OS X app which will make it easy to create custom workflows for Wunderlist 2 with Alfred 2.
    Hold tight, soon.
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    Teodin reacted to simonbs in YouTube workflow   

    Just wanted to share the workflow I just created with other Alfred 2.0 beta testers. I hope that this is the right place to do so.

    The workflow allows the user to search YouTube and have the results returned to Alfred and then choose a video to watch. Just type youtube followed by the query. For example, the below will search for Rebecca Black videos.
    You can downloaded the latest version here and the source code is available at GitHub.

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    Teodin got a reaction from DJay in [Request] Openthesaurus.de Search   
    I wonder if anybody could and would make a workflow for inline search with openthesaurus.de. The Site has an API, but I really don't know, if it is possible to use it for an Alfred workflow. It would be great if somebody could help!
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    Teodin reacted to apermanentwreck in Request: resize workflow   
    I just created a new workflow to get Layouts to work with Alfred v2.  I've spoken with the developer and he'll probably integrate it in and then update his repo with it shortly.  You can grab it here for now: http://cl.ly/Naq5
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    Teodin reacted to Benzi in Wikipedia workflow (alternate)   
    For the two word issue, can you please downloading the version again? I noticed this myself a bit late, but I hope this is now fixed.
    If you have en setup as default, searching for "muller thomas" should bring up "Thomas Müller" as follows

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    Teodin reacted to hzlzh in [Workflow]Shorten URL (support goo.gl/ bit.ly/ t.cn/ j.mp/ is.gd/ v.gd/)   
    Shorten URL (v1.1) - download here
    Github Page:
    This workflow support URL shortener like below. You can use Hotkey to trigger without open Alfred input window.
    goo.gl/ bit.ly/ t.cn/ j.mp/ is.gd/ v.gd/ If you want more URL shortener services added, please let me know, .
    Choose some long links (e.g Command + A), then press `Command + Shift +L`, choose goo.gl and you will get the short link in your clipboard with notification center triggered.
    How to use this workflow without copy/paste?
    Just use trigger HotKey, check out this wiki issue here:



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    Teodin reacted to Benzi in Wikipedia workflow (alternate)   
    Hi all, thanks to all your feedback,  I have created a new version put up here, with slightly better support for multi language search.  See the first post in this topic for details and try it out.
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    Teodin reacted to Florian in Google translate workflow   
    Hey guys,
    here is a Google Translate workflow i made based on Anders Bech Mellson's work. Once again, I don't want to take credit for a work that isn't mine. I'm just feeding back to alfred the results of an already good extension.
    Press enter to copy to clipboard, FN to look up on the actual translate.google.com website. 
    It's really easy to add / remove / edit for your own set of languages, just look at the workflow.
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    Teodin reacted to bengr in Wikipedia workflow (alternate)   
    Thanks for the change.
    I combined both versions into this. Basically allows "w en <query>" for English Wikipedia and "w he <query>" for Hebrew Wikipedia.
    You can easily change and duplicate for more languages, just look at the w_he.py file in the workflow and replace every occurrence of "he" with your language's shortened term.
    Also, I'm sure the main script by Benzi can be changed like so that it'll accept another parameter for language, but I too lazy to change it   .
    Basically you'll need to add another parameter for both the search_for and the resultParse functions, that'll be the language, than parse the query into the first word (which'll be the language), and the rest, which'll be the rest of the query (the actual query that'll be passed on to Wikipedia to be searched for).
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    Teodin reacted to Florian in bunch of workflows   
    Hey guys,
    as posts multiply on this forum, I have noticed that it is harder and harder to find specific workflows. So here's a little page with my most downloaded workflows. Some of them are specifically suited for my personal needs but I believe they are overall useful.
    http://florianpellet.com/alfred/ (this link doesn't bring you to the most up to date workflows. for that, please refer to my signature on this forum, to my github page or head straight for packal).
    I welcome any suggestion, request, idea...
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    Teodin reacted to surrealroad in Notes   
    This just creates a new note in notes.app. To keep it simple, it just uses the first folder in the first account it finds. You can change this behaviour by editing providing the respective names in the "properties" in the applescript.
    To search existing notes, type "n search_term" into Alfred. E.g. "n something I wrote yesterday" (not working in macOS High Sierra)
    To create a new note, just type "n note_text" into Alfred. E.g. "n something very important I will probably forget"
    To create a note from the clipboard, type "nclip optional_note_name"
    Hold option to open the note in a new window after creating it.

    iCloud Notes on OS 10.11+
    As of Mac OS El Capitan, you are given the option to upgrade iCloud notes accounts. Once you do this, with the normal Notes workflow you'll start seeing duplicate lines in notes. The reason for this is that prior to the upgrade the "Title" of the note and the "Body" of the note were displayed separately. After the upgrade, Notes assumes the title is *not* also included in the body, which is different behaviour, and led to the apparent duplication.
    Sadly there's no reliable way for the workflow to detect whether your Notes account has been upgraded or not, so fixing it would entail breaking it on installs that have not undergone this upgrade. Therefore I have opted to make a separate Workflow which is to be used by anyone who has upgraded to the new iCloud version of Notes. You will find that download link below.
    Tuesday, 5th July 2016 - Fixed a regression where "nclip" would not work if a custom title was provided
    Thursday, 30 June 2016 – Compatibility for users who did not previously have Alfred v2 installed
    Wednesday, 27 January 2016 – Fixed an issue with notes from clipboard not working; existing iCloud notes are now searched too (thanks, Vero!)
    Friday, 16 October 2015 – Added a new Workflow for iCloud upgraded notes in OS 10.11+ (Thanks Nikita!)
    Monday, 27 October 2014 – workaround for apple bug #18734006 on OS 10.10
    Monday, 13 October 2014 – Hold option to open note window after creation
    Tuesday, 17 September 2013 – Updated q_workflow module to latest version
    Thursday, 18 April 2013 – Only first line is used as a title when using "nclip" with no arguments
    Sunday, 7 April 2013 – Properly escape illegal characters in query
    Friday, 5 April 2013 – Fixed an issue where a temporary file was getting written to the wrong place, sorry about that! Thursday, 4 April 2013 – Combined into single workflow; renamed to "Notes"; fixed an issue with clip keyword; nclip now pastes HTML if possible; workflow will notify if updates are available Saturday, 16 March 2013 – First version  
    Download (Alfred v3 and iCloud)
    Note: this workflow will notify you if a newer version is available. To disable this functionality, change the property "shouldCheckForUpdates" to "false"
    Alfred v2
    It's not currently known whether the latest release will be backward-compatible with Alfred v2.
    If you are using Mac OS 10.11+ and have "upgraded" your iCloud notes, you should use this workflow:
    Notes for Alfred v2 (iCloud)
    In all other cases, this is the one to use:
    Notes for Alfred v2 (non-iCloud)
    Source: https://github.com/surrealroad/alfred-notes
    Please raise issues on GitHub, as it's easier for me to keep track of them there.
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    Teodin reacted to simonbs in Search IMDb with Movies workflow   
    I have used this workflow developed by Robert Hovath but I often want to look up and actor, so I decided to make my own workflow for searching for actors, movies and TV series on IMDb and I'ld like to share it with you 

    The workflow uses one single command.
    m [query] Looks up a movie, TV series or actor matching the query. If a movie or TV series is selected, detailed information will be loaded from OMDb and shown. The detailed information includes the option for watching plot summary and a poster in quick look, view a list of actors in Alfred and view a trailer on YouTube.
    If an actor is selected, the corresponding IMDb website will be opened.
    I like to keep the commands I often use very short and therefore I chose just 'm'. If you don't like it, I'm sure you know how to change it.
    You can download the latest version here or grab the source code at GitHub. I'm sorry that the workflow is not yet available on AlfPT but I'm unable to upload my workflows 
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    Teodin reacted to Benzi in Wikipedia workflow (alternate)   
    Quite a simple workflow to search articles on wikipedia (English version). Inspired by a similar workflow here, but it appears the download link is broken...

    Based on feedback from folks, I have an updated version of this workflow. It allows you to
    Search against regional Wikipedia sites. E.g. to search against German wikipedia, type "w de what to search for" i.e. "w <language code> <search term>" Language codes are from Wikipedia. You can also configure it to search against just one default Wikipedia by modifying the script filter as mentioned in the workflow. Against each result, a snippet of the text from the wiki page is displayed Remember, you can press the Shift key against a search result to quickly view the associated web page from within Alfred.
    Try the new version and let me know your comments.
    Q: How can I set one language as the default?
    Open the workflow's Script Filter in Alfred, and follow the steps mentioned in there.
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    Teodin got a reaction from rosenkrieger in Cloud Toggle (toggles Droplr, Dropbox and Drive)   
    This is a simple workflow which basically starts and quits a bunch of Applications at once (can also be used to toggle single applications) It is easily customizable so you can delete the applications you don't use or add those you do.
    The idea is inspired by Dropbox Toggler by rosenkrieger. Please look into the Readme for credits and further instructions.
    a cloud - activates all applications
    q cloud - quits all applications
    t droplr - toggles droplr
    t db - toggles Dropbox
    t gd - toggles Google Drive
    Download: http://d.pr/f/vPqr
    Please note that this is my first workflow and I don't have much practice with Applescript. Feel free to change or improve this workflow.
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