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  1. Yes, this fixed it for me too! Thank you!
  2. You're right - I can get a snippet in Chrome's address bar, but not anywhere else in Chrome (like Gmail or Google Sheets). I also just tried deleting and reinstalling Alfred, and that didn't work either.
  3. I deleted it and re-installed it and that did not work.
  4. My snippets and hotkeys suddenly stopped working today. I read through some troubleshooting on snippets and I think this is because Alfred is not in the Automation section of Security & Privacy settings. I am running the latest version of Alfred and have Mojave OS. I tried dragging Alfred from Finder to the Automation section, but it just bounces back and won't add it. I can't find a button to be able to add programs, either. I also tried restarting the computer. What else can I do to get snippets and hotkeys working again?
  5. Thank you for your help. At one point, just for a few moments, Alfred said that something was preventing text expansion by locking secure entry. I think it was MacOS or System or something like that, definitely not an application. I have also noticed that now my Alfred hotkeys are not working either. I restarted my computer but the issue is persisting. What else can I do to try to fix this?
  6. I upgraded to Mojave last week and upgraded Alfred to the latest version right after that. Today, my snippets suddenly stopped working. I noticed that Alfred is not on the Automation section of the Security & Privacy settings, and I can't add it. I tried dragging it from Finder and it just bounces back, and there's no option to add anything. Please help! I need my snippets for work.
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