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  1. This is awesome! I look forward to experimenting with this. Thanks!
  2. Hi again all! Just wanted to follow up on a few improvements I've made to Pacmax with your feedback. Have even more in the works for hopefully later this week that should be even more exciting. Here's what's new, though: - Added: Created By field on posts (links to the author's GitHub profile) - this might be my favorite addition - Added: A scroll to top button for long pages - Fixed: Rewrote About page to help better explain different aspects related to PM & Alfred; also created a GitHub repo for anyone interested in helping make About better! - Fixed: Styled README sec
  3. I am planning to prioritize the .alfred file types, but have the releases available for download. What do you think? Respectfully, I didn't say I won't support monorepos, that I'd focus on GitHub Releases first. By having Pacmax look at Releases I'd be doing the opposite of being the one to manually add the .alfred file types; PM is going to be doing the heavy lifting. I didn't say that Pacmax would ever look at GitHub. It seems like a great place (if not the best place) to start, to me. If it helps: The Share form is not any core functionality. It's a way for people to c
  4. Hey again all! To answer more of your replies (apologies if they're not all in the right order): Sorry, didn't mean to dodge this. I don't have plans to right now, but potentially someday‽ I love it! Thanks for the suggestion. I'll be incorporating this and will circle back once I have. Thanks for sharing that, noted! I think I've got a solution that'll do the trick. You are both right. I was naive on that front going into this and the last few days has been enlightening; you've he
  5. Hi again all! Sorry for the late reply, again. Frankly, my sleep schedule is đŸ’©. I need to work on that. @deanishe, re: PayPal - One idea I've had is making it so that repos with PayPal URLs, eg https://www.paypal.com/donate/?token=[...], display a button to make it clearer to the reader that it's an option. This could be a way to continue on the no-accounts-necessary path. What do you think? I haven't, but I've got it now and will use it for this reply. It looks great, kudos @vitor. I'm glad that I'm not alone in not digging the editor. You're absolute
  6. Hi all, I am thrilled to see this post & that my original post was unhidden. Sorry for the late reply; I had no idea it was visible or that this post was here until this morning. I'm going to do my best to follow up on each point now; please let me know if there is anything else that I can touch on more. Thanks for the mention @Vero and @nikivi for posting this thread! Understandable—I've been a long-time lurker and have been talking some via email with an Alfred admin (who has been great, by the way). I've been excited to hear from the community
  7. đŸ‘‹ Hi. Long time lurker stopping by to share something I've been working on. I'm calling it Pacmax (PM). Akin to Packal (which is a great website that I'm sure we all know and love) PM is my attempt to fill what voids I feel exist in the current landscape for the other Alfred lovers out there, like myself. Namely: It works from the source, dynamically updating content from GitHub. No accounts are necessary to add Workflows and Themes, because I'm curating submissions. Adding to PM is as simple as submitting the GitHub repository. Repos with files that use the appro
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