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    blkrk4000 reacted to ramiro.araujo in ImageOptim Workflow   
    ImageOptim Workflow for Alfred app
    This is a wrapper Alfred workflow around the great ImageOptim-CLI library from Jamie Mason. Mason's library uses three image optimization applications to automate optimization of JPEGs and PNGs. It uses the open source ImageAlpha and ImageOptim apps, and the JPEGmini app, which is not free, but highly recommended. Together they shrink images like a beast.
    My own addition to this image processing is that if JPEGmini is unavailable, it uses ImageMagik's mogrify to compress JPEGs to quality 75, if they're actually higher than 75. To do this, I'm also bundling ImageMagik'smogrify and identify. A quality of 75 is usually pretty safe and it still has a way smaller size and usual JPEGs saved from Photoshop without optimization. That being said, JPEGmini does way better job and it's recommended.
    ImageOptim, installed in /Applications folder. ImageAlpha, installed in /Applications folder. JPEGmini, optional but recommended, installed in /Applications folder. If using JPEGmini, you need to add Alfred 2 to the allowed apps in the accesibility list. Go to Preferences, Security and Privacy, Privacy tab, click the lock to allow changes, and drag the Alfred 2 app into the list. Usage
    1. find or select one or more images or folders, show the file actions in Alfred, and select "Optimize Images". Note that any Alfred's way of selecting files work, such us:
    select one or multiple files/folder in finder and press ⌘ alt \ browsing or finding files in Alfred, and triggering actions for the file saving files in Alfred's file buffer, and then ⌘ → to action buffered files.
    2. You'll see a notification indicating the number of files to process. The work is done partially with AppleScript, so even if it's happening in the background, the apps are actually laoded and you can focus on them to check the status. Depending on the number and size of images, it could take a while.

    3. When the optimization is completed, you'll see another notification, indicating the original Kilobytes, the current Kilobytes, total savings and savings percent.

    You shouldn't run optimizations in parallel. Tecnically you could if the batch already jumped to the next app (from JPEGmini to ImageOptim for example), but it's looking for trouble. I'll consider adding a check in the future to prevent parallel process from happening, but I'm affraid this could add other complications, as in how to clear the processing flag if optimization process is interrumpted earlier.
    For OS X 10.9 Mavericks, Download the alfred-image-optim-workflow.alfredworkflow and import to Alfred 2.
    For Previous OS X Versions, Download the alfred-image-optim-workflow.alfredworkflow and import to Alfred 2.
    Source Code
    Clone or Fork the Workflow: https://github.com/ramiroaraujo/alfred-image-optim-workflow
    2014-01-06 - Released 2014-01-23 - Added folder support, and correctly counting number of files inside folders
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    blkrk4000 reacted to JinnLynn in App Dig - track apps price   
    A simple way for you to track all apps price, work with AppShopper.
    Download & Source    Instructions
    2013-04-18 Update:
    Now you can change Country/Currency, includes all 91 countries. keyword: 'app change-country' More search type 2013-04-28 Update:
    Fixed `Search app for iphone` error. Open iTunes Store link or AppShopper link

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    blkrk4000 reacted to bpinto in Hatmaker: Workflows Installer & Updater   
    Hatmaker for Alfred - Alfred V2 Workflow
    Install & update alfred workflows straight from Alfred. Currently only alfredworkflow.com workflows are supported.
          Download the workflow
    Download the workflow below and open in Alfred.

    Currently only supports installing and updating. The rest will be added soon.
    Install a workflow
    install [workflow name]
    List outdated workflows
    Update a workflow
    outdated > Select the outdated workflow
    Open workflow homepage
    Hold option key when installing or listing outdated workflows.
    Everyone at this community.
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    blkrk4000 reacted to hzlzh in [Workflow Searcher] v1.2 released, search all the workflows from API   
    Workflow Searcher (v1.2 Released 2013.04.25)

    [Download Link]
    Tips: You can Submit & Share your workflows on the list  -> [submit Workflows]
    Github repo: https://github.com/hzlzh/Alfred-Workflows/
    Search workflows from AlfredWorkflow.com List API
    Get the download & released link of the workflow you search. API file Cache 6 minutes(360s) Offical API on JSON API Examples:

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    blkrk4000 got a reaction from 69wpm in Thesaurus   
    hi, for german thesaurus:
    set theQuery to "http://thesaurus.altervista.org/thesaurus/v1?output=json&word=" & theQuery & "&language=en_EN&output=json&key=DeEKsEOVyiP0NyBZlQ5g"
    set theQuery to "http://thesaurus.altervista.org/thesaurus/v1?output=json&word=" & theQuery & "&language=de_DE&output=json&key=DeEKsEOVyiP0NyBZlQ5g"
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    blkrk4000 reacted to jaspalx in Thesaurus   
    Please don't laugh at the code, I write applescript by copy-tweaking!
    Uses thesauras.altervista.org and ursanrazvan's applescript library.
    I'll aim to post any updates on my tumblr http://jaspalsahota.tumblr.com/post/48358079872/thesaurus-workflow-for-alfredapp-2
    Here's a screenshot
    If anyone makes this nicer/cleaner etc. please let me know.
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    blkrk4000 reacted to oderwat in Find files recently changed (similar to Trickster functionality)   
    I often need to do something with my last saved or changed files, like a screenshot or a file I just downloaded with CyberDuck or saved from inside an application.
    Normally I use "Trickster" for that task. It which gives me access to files like recently downloaded, saved or edited files in a quick way but I thought it would be cool to have this in Alfred!
    After a brief check of existing workflows I could not find any which does the same simple task: List files in the current users home which are modified or created in the last 48 hours. The list is sorted descending by modification time. I also made the result list searchable.
    Simply type "last" and it will list the last modified files, you can press space and some letters to filter the results.
    You also can press Return to open the file or CMD+Return to Browse to the file with Alfred (and then use File Actions on it).
    This workflow uses "workflow class" by David Ferguson (@jdfwarrior) to build the resulting xml data. Besides that it uses a "mdfind" shell command which can be enhanced if you want to change where it searches and what it filters from the results (I filter some filetypes which are unlikely to be interesting for me).
    I am supporting Updates by the "Alleyoop" Workflow now (Install that workflow from here: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/1582-alleyoop-update-alfred-workflows/)   Feel free to comment!   Last Changed: 2013-04-19 19:06   V1.12: With the new Alfred 2 Update it is finally possible to fix the result order in a supported way (I modified workflow.php to support that). V1.11: Yet another method to fix the result order! Added 'Docoments/My Games' to blacklist. V1.10: Added iTunes to Blacklist (and a rather special personal Blacklist)! V1.9: Fixed problem with missing files when they have the same timestamp. V1.8: Updated to the new way Alleyoop works. V1.7: Changed how files are choosen to include files recently created even if they have an old timestamp. Added Microsoft Office Support files to the blacklist. Added Parallels VM Files to the Blacklist. V1.6: Made the found files in the result list draggable! V1.5: Added Alleyoop Support and fixed another bug with listing order (hopefully the last time now). V1.4: Fixed that the "oldest" entry was always displayed on the top (while the others where in descending order) V1.1: I updated the script to exclude some more files (mysql data, files in ~/Library, Safari Bookmarks)
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    blkrk4000 reacted to bevesce in Find and paste unicode symbols - arrow, triangles, greek and more   
    Find and paste unicode symbols. I included a lot of them, like really a lot, over 20k I think, but for me workflow works pretty fast.
    Symbol can be pasted as symbol (mh...), in html encoding, as python string and as unicode code point.
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    blkrk4000 reacted to dajoho in Sourcetree Workflow   
    Hi everyone.
    I made a quick workflow that allows you to search/open your GIT repositories directly in Sourcetree. It searches through your Sourcetree bookmarks file and displays autocomplete results.

    If you're interested, you can get it here: https://github.com/dajoho/sourcetree-alfred-workflow
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    blkrk4000 reacted to phyllisstein in Alleyoop: Update Alfred Workflows   
    Note from Andrew: While this is a convenient method for updating workflows, I cannot endorse the use of it unless you are fully aware of the security implications of blanket updating all of your workflows. I'm currently working on a built in workflow auto-updater, for a future Alfred 2 release, that performs the standard verification checks that Alfred currently does on manual import, along with migrating your hotkey/keyword settings on upgrading. I'll also be adding 3rd party workflow developer signatures to keep you safe.
    Hey all,
    I've just completed a workflow designed to make it easier for workflow developers to push updates to their work. (And to their flows.) It's called Alleyoop, it's based very heavily on the concept behind David's old extension updater, and it works a little something like this:
    When you enter the query oop, it searches through the workflow folders for files named update.json. update.json indicates what version of the workflow is currently installed and where to check for an update. (The format is below.) Alleyoop downloads a remote json file, indicated in update.json, and if that file indicates a higher version, it downloads the workflow at the address given by the remote file. The user finds the workflow in his or her ~/Downloads directory and opens it. There is no step 4. Workflow developers can start implementing this workflow immediately. All you need is a static place to host a json file and an alfredworkflow file—so Github will do, failing all else, but Droplr won't. Place an update.json file in your workflow, with the following keys defined:
    { "version": 1.0, "remote_json": "http://alfred.daniel.sh/Updates/Things.json" }  
    version should be a float, meaning that 1.0 and 1.1 and 3.14159 are all valid, but 3.1.4 is not, and remote_json should point to a json file on a remote server that's defined like this:
    { "version": 1.5, "download_url": "http://alfred.daniel.sh/Workflows/Things.alfredworkflow", "description": "Brief description of the update." }  
    If the version on the remote server is greater than the version on the user's computer, s/he'll see something like this:

    Selecting a workflow from the list will download it. No fuss, no muss.
    And that's it! Enjoy implementing this, until we get a good package manager running again, and let me know if you run into any difficulties.
    Download Here
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    blkrk4000 reacted to jvdneut in Menu bar search   
    I've created a basic workflow that searches the system's menu bar. After having used Sublime Text's command palette I wanted to have a similar system-wide functionality. EDIT: For people that haven't worked with Sublime Text's command palette: the command palette allows you to fuzzy search the entire application menu by keyboard. This saves both time on hunting down the right menu and saves you having to remember all sorts of keyboard shortcuts. For a brief introduction on Sublime Text's command palette see https://tutsplus.com/lesson/the-command-palette/
    EDIT: Better use ctwise's "2.0" workflow http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/1993-menu-search/ [old download is still available at http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6259900/Menu%20bar%20search.alfredworkflow]
    The current workflow does not do any fuzzy searching and every keystroke executes the entire script again. My preferred fix to this would be to have a script input that is only executed once, and have Alfred do the subsequent fuzzy matching based on the initial result.
    Jeroen van der Neut
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    blkrk4000 reacted to Dexwell in IMDb Search Suggestions   
    I've completely rebuilt redwall_hp's original IMDB Search Suggest workflow to include more information in results, a fallback for longer search queries using a cache, and a new icon. I've also changed the keyword to i but you can easily change that to imdb or whatever you like. I hope you'll enjoy!
    Download .alfredworkflow GitHub  

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    blkrk4000 got a reaction from MrMoins in PLEASE VOTE: Your favourite workflows   
    Pinboard Search Workflow by eknkc
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    blkrk4000 got a reaction from C.C in PLEASE VOTE: Your favourite workflows   
    play song in itunes by caleb531 - http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/1122-play-song-in-itunes/
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    blkrk4000 got a reaction from DJay in PLEASE VOTE: Your favourite workflows   
    play song in itunes by caleb531 - http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/1122-play-song-in-itunes/
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    blkrk4000 reacted to rice.shawn in PLEASE VOTE: Your favourite workflows   
    Also, I've highlighted ones here that need to be given some credit because they provide tools for workflow developers or are great examples of how to develop.
    phyllisstein should get some cred for his python library: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/403-alp-a-python-workflow-module/ robhor should get some for showing us how to do drill-down menus: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/376-drill-down-menus-movie-search-omdb-api-alfred-repo/ (useful for people making more advanced workflows).   tomhunt needs cred for the initial alfpt (http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/234-alfpt-alfred-package-tools-workflow-installerupdater/) and, by extension, Olivier needs cred for the upcoming package manager (http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/829-apm-alfred-package-manager-need-testers/)   EggTimer from CarlosNZ — I don't use the EggTimer, but it needs to be highlighted as to how a very complex workflow could be made. (http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/275-eggtimer-v2-updated-to-beta4d/)
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    blkrk4000 reacted to blkrk4000 in PLEASE VOTE: Your favourite workflows   
    Pinboard Search Workflow by eknkc
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    blkrk4000 reacted to caleb531 in Play Song - Quickly play songs, albums, and more from iTunes   
    Sure! I've updated the script with an option (called podcastsIncluded) that will enable the showing of podcasts in the results.
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    blkrk4000 reacted to caleb531 in Play Song - Quickly play songs, albums, and more from iTunes   
    With the introduction of Alfred v2.0, the built-in iTunes mini player is now the only way to interact with my iTunes library in Alfred. However, I would prefer to quickly search for and play songs without entering the mini player first. Therefore, I created Play Song—a workflow designed to make playing songs in iTunes extremely quick and convenient.
    Download Play Song (latest)
    Play Song enables five keywords which allow you to search for and play songs in your iTunes library.
    In order for Play Song to function properly, it requires access to assistive devices. You can enable this for Alfred via the Security & Privacy pane of System Preferences.
    Playing a song   To play an individual song, use the playsong keyword. Songs whose names match your query will populate the list of results. Choosing a song from the list will play that song once.   Playing an album   To play all songs from a particular album, use the playalbum keyword. Albums whose names match your query will populate the list of results. Choosing an album from the list will play all songs from that album (ordered by track number).   Playing an artist   To play all songs by a particular artist, use the playartist keyword. Artists whose names match your query will populate the list of results. Choosing a artist from the list will play all songs by that artist (grouped by album).   Playing a genre   To play all songs within a particular genre, use the playgenre keyword. Genres whose names match your query will populate the list of results. Choosing a genre from the list will play all songs within that genre (grouped by artist).   Playing a playlist   To play all songs within a particular playlist, use the playplaylist keyword. Non-empty playlists whose names match your query will populate the list of results. Choosing a playlist from the list will play all songs within that playlist (according to playlist order).  
    If you have a bug to report or a feature to request, please submit an issue on GitHub.
    Release Notes
    Release notes for the workflow are also available on GitHub.
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    blkrk4000 reacted to Benzi in Take quick screenshots using the ScreenCapture workflow   
    Try the latest version at the original download link. If you select any of the two options (Interactive / Save entire screen) while pressing the "Alt" key, you get the choice to open the taken picture in a new Mail message. This does not work for the copy to clipboard modes though.

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    blkrk4000 reacted to eknkc in Pinboard Search Workflow   
    Posted another update with some improvements and additions:
    - pbunread lists all bookmarks in "read later queue". when you select and open one here, it is automatically marked as read.
    - pbreload to force reload data from server.
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