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  1. Thanks dfay! That is a helpful thread.
  2. Hi...I am new to Alfred and I am loving it! However, I have noticed a difference in search results for a keyword within files on my Mac where Spotlight is showing more comprehensive results, and I am wondering if there is a way to fix this in Alfred. Here is an example: I search for a keyword such as "dog." In Spotlight, I am shown files that both have "dog" in the filename as well as files that have "dog" within the text of the file (and not in the filename). In Alfred, if I have to complete 2 different searches to get the same 2 sets of results find dog: this gives me the files with "dog" in the filename in dog: this gives me the files with "dog" the body of the text Is there a way to do a search for a keyword within Alfred that will show me both types of results? Thanks!
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