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  1. Correct, I meant the first-party apps. And actually, I may have just fixed it as I was preparing to respond in full. I opened up my Applications folder to scan for a list of first-party apps, and once I did, suddenly I was able to find Messages and Dictionary. Notes and Photos took a while longer to finally appear, but now they're there. I wonder if opening the Applications folder in Finder forced a reindex of the applications when it wasn't doing it normally otherwise? Either way, the issue seems to now have resolved itself. Thanks for responding and forcing me to investigate, which made it w
  2. Hey Alfred community, I was having some issues with my Alfred search function (I forget what originally) so I followed the numerous guides and steps online here to rebuild my macOS metadata from the advanced tab, clear the cache, and to enter "reload" in the Alfred bar. I'm now encountering an issue where although Alfred can find all of my third-party apps, it cannot find any native Mac apps, like Notes, Settings, Photos, Dictionary, Terminal, etc. I can find all of these just fine in Spotlight. This is very peculiar and I can't find any reference of it in other help topics, so I'm
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