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  1. When you see this screen:




    ... that appears after typing "find grumpy" in Alfred AND then selecting a result AND clicking the right arrow.


    Pretty proud of figuring that out.




    I always thought I had a setting turned off that I couldn't find.


    It is documented here, but in a different context:




    This was one of the most frustrating things about Alfred.



  2. How do I start the Upgrade from 3 to 4 over?


    I'm in an infinite loop where I get a vague dialog about a permissions issue.



    Alfred was unable to copy Alfred Assistant into Alfred's Application Support area. This is almost certainly due to a permissions issue.


    What would I do if that were the actual issue?


    Looking through System Settings I've granted all the permissions required.


    Update #1:


    Also, I've stopped Alfred from starting, and restarted my Mac ...


    That did not help.


    Update #2:


    I restarted Alfred 3 & installed the latest version.


    That did not help.


    But I have a version of Alfred working -- just need to figure out how to get Alfred 4 working.


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