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  1. Amazing workflow, makes my daily dealing with Messages much more bearable. Thanks!
  2. I know about that. Still the maximum width is 680px, then it scales back to narrower widths. I would prefer to make the window even wider - in fact I don't mind covering most of my screen
  3. I'm smitten with Alfred v2. Such an improvement over v1. I would like to suggest an option to make Alfred search window even wider than the current max (I believe it's 680px). My reasoning is that I use it very often now with workflows, clipboards etc that benefit greatly from the extra width to gain more context of the selected action. Why not have the option to make it 800px wide or more?
  4. Love the new Alfred v2! More powerful than ever. I like to change themes compulsively so I've whipped up some colors I rarely see used in here (like blue & red). Anyway, decided to share with you. Below is my contribution: Midnight Blue: Download Red: Download Clean White: Download
  5. Hey Adrian, thanks so much for your workflow. I work in localization and this workflow will increase my productivity ten fold Can you please add the remaining supported languages (Greek, Ukrainian, Romanian, Catalan etc.)? Thanks!
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