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  1. Same Problem for me. Haven't found a solution quite yet :C
  2. Woah great Thank you very much!
  3. Strange, now it works with desktop files like there has never been a problem before I like it. Has the dropbox id check problem something to do with a slow internet connection (or maybe unstable?). Right now I'm just connected over UMTS.
  4. I think I found out that it is not working if I select files on the desktop via the mac finder. It says "error: select items in finder". Tried it with some other files in my user folder and it worked perfectly with the hotkey. Also got the shortened link! I'm going to test it a little bit more.
  5. Thanks for that first version. Though I have the problem that he isn't asking me for my DropBox ID. Tried it with the finder command and also the shortcut. (with removing and re adding the workflow) It says "zip", but doesn't do anything else besides that (is not moving the zipped file to the public folder either). But thanks for that first version, I'm looking forward to test the next one MrMuetze Edit: Are these zip Files temporarily saved at some point? Because I created lots of them Maybe I could get rid of some of them.
  6. That would be just perfect. I appreciate your effort and I'm looking forward to your first solution.
  7. That's actually my workaround right now I was just looking for some "droplr" like replacement without having to create another account and download another app. Just have some files and use one simple Alfred workflow to get everything done. An easy way to share it with someone. Two workflows are great, but one would be superior But I don't want to ask you guys to create that workflow just for me Just if you have time and find it useful for yourselfs. Best regards, MrMuetze
  8. Love the version from Florian. Works great. Never knew that such a thing existed though ...
  9. Wow i love your nice little workflow. It pretty much seems to be a lot like the stuff I would love to see in a dropbox workflow I described right here: http://bit.ly/15SRd4O Maybe you could have a look and give me some tips or a possible solution how to get that done. Thanks in advance, MrMuetze
  10. Hey alfred community I just got used to some of the new alfred workflows and I already think about some that I would love to use. Unfortunately, I'm not the best scripter nor do I have any experience creating some of these little tasks. I found an older workflow that enabled me to upload one file to the dropbox public folder and copied the (shortened) url to the clipboard. My wish would be that I could also choose a folder/file or maybe a bunch of files (which wouldn't be a must have feature since the folder thing should do the job), zip that folder or that file, move it to the public folder and copy the (shortened) link to the clipboard. Such a workflow would just be amazing to use and I think it would be the best way to handle this little dropbox problem. The file could either be chosen by the built in Alfred Finder or a global hotkey. Thank you guys for reading that post and even thinking about if you would give it a try or not Best regards from Germany, MrMuetze
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