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  1. That definitely helped! Now I have more of an understanding of something else I want to try too. Thank you
  2. Just starting to learn Alfred and have found some cool search tools like https://github.com/deanishe/alfred-searchio Curious if there's anything like this that will allow you to enter a search term and have it search multiple sites and open the searches in Firefox tabs? Started to try to and make this and realized it's beyond what I can throw together so far.
  3. Thank you! Weird that following a tutorial on the blog it said that was that keyword, but out of the box install has that keyword for the last directory. Now I just have to figure out how to add folder destinations in the "move to" dialogue.
  4. I've got the power pack and am finally digging into figuring Alfred out. I've also set the osx permission to allow it to access finder, but when I select a file then press Cmd + Alt + \ I don't get the file action pane that shows I can: copy to, move to, email, etc. I get a directory panel that as shown in pic. Something simple I'm doing wrong?
  5. Hello, I've just got Alfred and the power pack. Looking in the preferences section, I see you can have keyword shortcuts for emoji, but is there a way to use keyword shortcuts to paste icons and images into Docs/Evernote? Thanks
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