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  1. Hello, Probably LinkedIn has changed their url structure for searching, because currently searching is broken. 1. Open Alfred. 2. Active "Search LinkedIn for ..." 3. Write something and press enter. 4. A Page not found is opened. I'm on latest Catalina and Alfred 4.
  2. Hey @vitor, I think the office hours are a super awesome idea and I'm really surprised the response hasn't been greater. It is a super useful practice and one of the really cool things, that modern technologies offer us - direct contact to the creators/authors of things we use and consume. Another cool example is Mike Perham's Sidekiq's Happy hour: https://sidekiq.org/support.html I started using Alfred again recently ago and I really love it. I do want to build a workflow. I think there is a ton of great resources on how to do that, so I haven't hit a blocker yet. That
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