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  1. Thank you. Looks like I need to remove the Packal Update from my Alfred Workflow then.
  2. I found Packal.org which seems to provide such a service, unfortunately, only Spotify mini is using Packal. The rest of the workflow does not seem to have a way to update itself, except manually checking the forum..
  3. The website shows v3.4 released on 26th Nov 2016. In Packal.org, there is also a V0.6 on Nov 2016 also. I suppose Packal.org is very, very outdated, correct?
  4. Hi there... this may be a newbie question - is there an easier way to keep all workflows updated when the author made new changes? I have Things, Spotify mini player, Cardhop, Keyboard Maestro workflows in Alfred and I have no checked whether these have been updated recently. The only way I can think of checking if they were updated is to come to the forum, look for the thread and then manually eye ball the version number. Does any of you have a better system?
  5. Typically I use the command Find Example. Find will open the folder where the file resides.
  6. I always use the arrow keys on the keyboard to select and Enter to paste. That has worked consistently. I have not tried using the mouse though.
  7. I’m a Mega Supporter and all I used Alfred over the years is just to launch apps and search for files. But in my current third year, I started using some workflows. I started with the simple ones: unit conversions, paste as plain text, started using Clipboard /Snippets shortcuts only recently. What I’m trying to say is, you can’t go wrong with the Powerpack if your Mac is your daily driver because you will discover more and more features and time saver along the way!
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