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  1. Regarding Timer, yes (it actually set the Timer in the system Clock application)
  2. Hmm, that’s right. I’ve forgotten that I could trigger Universal Action from a Finder window. Thanks for the workflow. It works for what it is made for and I’m thankful. Saves lots of time especially with the files being every where.
  3. This would be extremely useful but if it's not how Universal Actions panel is intended, then I guess we have to make do. How about returning back to search after the renaming? That way, the user can arrow key down to the next file for renaming.
  4. Re: File Buffer: 1. I don't want to rename 5 files under same name. File Buffer seems to be performing the same action on all 5 files in the Buffer 2. If I do an Alt - right arrow to action on these files, I can't see the Rename workflow (I only see it when I double tap Ctrl). I think this is probably something I might have turned off years ago..
  5. I just want to echo my thanks for this action. Very useful and odd that it was not in Alfred itself. Thank you. I feel that the way I use it is inefficient, maybe I am not understanding how Universal Action works in general: 1. I search for a file name in Alfred. Alfred gave me 5 results. I want to rename all 5 files. 2. I highlight the first file and tap Ctrl twice. This opens up Universal Action and I choose rename. Changed the filename and press Enter. 3. File is change, Alfred disappear. Now I have to Cmd Space and invoke Alfred and start steam 1 all over again. Is there a better way to do this i.e. rename, then go back to the list of 5 results and move on to the next file to rename?
  6. @yohasebe thank you. I downloaded 2.8.6 and the buttons are hidden. Very nice. Now, I just need to brew uninstall mpv sox am I right? Also. I just want to say that I find this workflow very useful and pleasant to use. It makes it fun to use ChatGPT from within Alfred.
  7. Thank you Vitor. My OCD wants me to uninstall to keep things “clean”. I appreciate it.
  8. This workflow required many other installs from brew. Is there any instructions to do a clean uninstall? Does home brew also uninstall other dependencies that was installed by its formulae?
  9. The other thing I'd like to explore is how to save the chat history into Drafts. I understand that there is an export button which export history.json but I am not sure how this can be imported into Drafts. I don't suppose this history is saved into OpenAI chat history, right? Most API calls are not captured by OpenAI website.
  10. Hi, I love how your workflow opened up a customized browser for further conversation. It’s what I’m looking for. Thank you. However, I don’t use speech to text and text to speech. As such I prefer not to install the additional depencies if given a chance. Are these dependencies a must-install or is it optional?
  11. Hello Andrew, I have turned off the setting to show on mouse screen. My mouse cursor is in 3rd screen but the Preview goes into 2nd screen (not the main screen). I am wondering if it will randomly choose one of the two screens (of a 3 screens system) where the mouse is not in?
  12. Thanks @exposition for bringing this post out. I have installed it and love this workflow! I don't see any flash though (using Safari only).
  13. I am using a 3 display system. I have set Alfred to always appear on the main display (middle) no matter where the mouse is. But when I am using the SHIFT key for Preview, the Preview window seems to appear it another display. I have move it to the middle display and yet, in some cases (it's kinda random), it will appear in another display. I thought the Preview window will go to where the mouse is but that is also not the case. What can I do?
  14. Ah, I must have done that unknowingly. This is fixed. Thank you so much for this great workflow! I really like that I could increase the font size of the Preview window. That really helps this pair of old eyes!
  15. Is there a way to make Alfred forget that the keyword 'def' is to check dictionary instead of "Open the Workflow Configuration"?
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