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  1. Hi Andrew, Thanks for working on this. The script does work for me. I am running OS 10.8.3, Evernote 5.0.7 (latest version) and Alfred 1.4. Same setup on my newer Macbook, but it has Alfred v2. Hmmm, the script does work for me with Alfred v1. I also tried pasting the script into the AppleScript editor and it runs as expected. This is perplexing. I don't have my other Macbook (the one running Alfred v2) with me, but tonight I will check if the AppleScript itself works on my newer Macbook when run in the AppleScript editor. Thanks again, Steve
  2. Here is the Alfred v1 extenstion that I have been using: https://www.sugarsync.com/pf/D161328_1733640_6267675 Thank you for your help. Steve
  3. David, Thanks for the response. I've tried inserting the script I previously posted into a NSAppleScript module, including starting and ending the script with the alfred_script lines. Unfortunately, it still doesn't work. Upon triggering the script via Alfred, a dialog box should appear where you type a comment that subsequently gets appended to the end of a specific note in Evernote. I have verified that the actual script itself works by running it in the AppleScript editor. The same script works as expected in Alfred v1. I have Alfred v1 running on one macbook and Alfred v2 runn
  4. Any update on the sorting issue? This is a great workflow, but not having the emails sorted by date does make this workflow less valuable. For instance, I search for a subject, and the list returns a list of emails with the same or similar subject line (e.g., an email chain). I know I want the latest email in the chain, but since the results are not in chronological order, things get messy.
  5. Update: In my first post, I based the attempted action on the "keyword to applescript" Alfred template. I have since tried the same Applescript in the "keyword to script" template, using /usr/bin/osascript as the language. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to work either.
  6. In Alfred v1, I had created a keyword that launched an Applescript that prompts the user to type an entry into a text box that pops us, with this entry then being inserted into an Evernote note titled "Journal Entry". Note that this is not my own script, but one I obtained online. I have recreated the action in Alfred v2, but cannot get it to work. I have a keyword with no argument initiating the Applescript, which does not run in the background, and is not cached. The actual script is reproduced at the end of this post. I am a powerpack user. What am I missing that prevents v2 fr
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