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  1. Mojave 10.14.3., Alfred 3.8.1. Usage of mail clients is inconsistent. "Mail" keyword honors system-wide email default (I have it set to Spark), but "Email" and "Email to" file actions do not - they always open the default Apple Mail client. Expected: Alfred honors and uses the mail client set by user. EDIT: I see this is probably due to 3rd-party mail clients not supporting AppleScript. If that's the case, Alfred should give this information to avoid confusion.
  2. I wonder why there isn't a Pastebin workflow - just upload selected text to Pastebin and store link to clipboard. Or, can you recommend a similar service? Thanks!
  3. That's a different thing. I'd like an option to invoke the Actions menu itself by → but to only ever run the commands from it by Return. Right now, there's a high mental load as you need to pay attention not to invoke a command by accident. Thanks though.
  4. Is it possible to prohibit the right arrow key from invoking (confirming) Actions? It sometimes causes me to accidentally invoke an action (=run a command like Open or Get info). I'd like an option to only run a command by Return key.
  5. Hi! I'm probably missing something obvious but how do I move/copy files from one location to another using Alfred? I reckon I'd use the buffer, but how do I paste the items in arbitrary folder? I'm only able to move it to the default folders built into the copy and move functions (Desktop, Documents and Applications). I guess I'm looking for some sort of "Copy/move into the current folder" command. Thanks!
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