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  1. Hi, in Big Sur 11.3, I'm getting this for any video file: dyld: Library not loaded: /usr/local/opt/srt/lib/libsrt.1.dylib Referenced from: /usr/local/bin/ffprobe Reason: image not found Reinstalling ffmpeg/ffprobe and homebrew didn't help. Any clues?
  2. Is there a way to always have a couple of favorite folders right in the Alfred search bar for quick access? I know there is the Favorites workflow but I'd like it even faster
  3. Mostly Gmail - in here, in roughly 60 % I get the undesired result. I have this editor (attachment). Weirdly, Google Docs is fine. The bug from the OP where the trigger keystrokes remained in the expanded text is gone after disabling and reenabling Safari extensions (weird but true).
  4. The thing is, this issue did not appear after an update to MacOS or Safari, it started to appear after the latest update to Alfred. It was rock solid before. I have these Safari Extensions: AdGuard, Dark Reader and Hush. Dark Reader is the closest thing that could interfere but doesn't. Slowing down of the simulated keypresses helps somewhat. The issue seems to come and go. It's also a bit wonky - the expanded text contains two enters to make a paragraph, sometimes these expand properly, sometimes not. Thanks. EDIT: I have disabled all Safari extensions and set the expansion speed to Slowest, yet the expansions is still wonky. It mostly doesn't expand the Enters (carriage returns - sometimes it expands one, sometimes both, sometimes none), whereas in all other apps, it does every time.
  5. Alfred 4.3.3 on Big Sur 11.2.3 - Safari 14.0.3 Text (snippet) expansion is buggy in Safari, in MOST but not all websites. It works fine everywhere else. Here's video. I'm entering the same snippet - trigger word is "dd", expansion mid-string is disabled, the text to expand is: "Dobrý den, " The expansion is buggy in Gmail, Twitter, Messenger and most other websites but NOT, for example, this very form. It shouldn't be caused by content blockers as those are disabled for said websites. Any clues? Thanks.
  6. I'm not sure... This is what I have as the command in the workflow and it works (set the active directory to Desktop and transcode a video file that I selected in Finder). Adding "exit" or ";exit" doesn't do anything, the Terminal (or iTerm2) window stays open. It does exit, however, when I paste the three lines directly into Terminal. cd /Users/stooovie/Desktop other-transcode {query} exit Thanks!
  7. Hi, I can't get the terminal tabs to close, neither Terminal.app nor iTerm2. I have set the Shell in both to close after finishing. I have also tried to add the ; exit command to my script, but the tabs still keep open after finishing. Any other tips? I'm on Big Sur. I do want to see the terminal while running (transcoding video), so Run Script isn't an option for me. I just want it to close after completion. Thanks!
  8. Hey, fellow Czech Alfred lover here, thanks for this, it's incredibly useful for a video editor!
  9. Hi, when I enter the tilde ˜ into Alfred, nothing happens. I understand it should open the Home folder for navigation. It IS selected in Features - File Search - Advanced. Please help. EDIT: I solved it, it was some kind of mismatch between keyboard layout (I use mainly Czech) and Alfred prefs. It does seem a bit buggy though - when I changed the layout and then pressed the key while in the key picker (the one in Features - File Search - Advanced - Home folder), it first thought I was pressing an apostrophe and it took a few presses to be correctly recognized as a backslash.
  10. Ooh I have found out there is a patched version of the HA workflow that accepts tokens instead of login/password and it indeed does work! https://github.com/s00500/Alfred-Home-assistant-workflow/releases/tag/2.0.0
  11. Very interesting! I have Home Assistant integrated with Siri, so this could work. Thanks! EDIT: what Siri workflow? I don 't see any on either Packal or Pacmax
  12. That's too complicated for me but thanks. I don't even know where to begin.
  13. Alfred would be perfect for controlling smart homes - Home Assistant, Homekit, Alexa, Google Home, this sort of thing. Sadly it looks like these efforts are abandoned - nor Homekit nor Home Asisstant workflows work anymore. Anyone interested in picking up? It doesn't seem THAT niche to me and Home Assistant is open source, with great documentation.
  14. This doesn't work in Alfred 4 anymore. I get notification ("Searching for similar images" and that's it. It is super useful, can we get an update? EDIT: spoke to soon. It just took a handful of minutes to open the results page for whatever reason.
  15. Hi, I use the {date:short} snippet but it uses /, so the date is 05/02/2020. I need it to give me 05.02.2020. How do I do that? Default system dates are set to use . but Alfred doesn't respect that. Thanks!
  16. This is super cool and handy but it doesn't work with newer HA releases as the API password framework was deprecated. Any chance of updating?
  17. Hello, I'd love a "network toggle" workflow. There are separate wifi and ethernet workflows on packal but they don't work for me and I'd prefer an general networking toggle. I know there's a way with terminal: networksetup -switchtolocation "network location" but I'm not good with writing scripts. Any tips? Thanks!
  18. I let Onyx clean/reset everything and both Spotlight and Alfred are fixed.
  19. Applications ARE enabled in Alfred Prefs and NO, this is on Mojave, not Catalina. EDIT: this is probably related to Spotlight as it can’t suddenly find Applications either. I rebuilt the index via Alfred’s Rebuild button, but it didn’t fix it.
  20. Mojave 10.14.5, latest builds of Alfred 3 and 4. Apps stopped showing today. I’m not aware of any modification of the system. Tried reloading cache, rebooting, restarting Alfred, rebuilding Spotlight. Apps ARE enabled in Spotlight prefs. Please advise, thanks.
  21. Brilliant, the Applescript way is just what I needed, thanks! Case closed
  22. Thanks! Just one thing - how do I pass my root (admin) password so I don’t have to enter it manually upon invoking the command? TY EDIT: I’m just using the Terminal command action to do this, with a simple "sudo -b /Applications/Marta.app/Contents/MacOS/Marta"
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