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  1. Thank you very much for this workflow! The problem that still remains for my use case is that I don't know in advance where the words will appear (ie. it might be the case that both words only occur in the file content, instead of "stats" in the filename and "=todo" in the file content) and therefore can't use this type of dynamic filter. But again, thanks for the help and attention. Regards,
  2. Thank you for the clarification. Any ideas on how can I achieve this behaviour with some Alfred functionality?
  3. I'm trying to configure a file filter workflow to search both in the filename and it's content. However I don't seen to be getting the correct results. I have a markdown file named "stats - moments.md" with the string "=todo" inside it. When I search for either "stats" or "=todo", I got the expected results. However, when I search for "stats =todo" I don't get any results back. Is this the intended behaviour? I've posted what I hope is a reproducible example on github with the search scope set to `~/afred-reprex`.
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