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  1. Indeed, I need a workflow realize it, but I less on coding. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=(KEYWORD1[Title%2FAbstract])+AND+(KEYWORD2[Title%2FAbstract])&sort= This is the search engine. Thanks!
  2. Is it always pin the files or folder in the buffer? When I restart computer.
  3. If possible auto list the exist tags, then use to tag file
  4. Hello, There, the file buffer will disappear when next relaunch the software or computer. But I have some folders want to be always pinned on the top of search bar. So if Alfred provide an option always buff the file or folder will be more perfect. Thanks!
  5. One separator binding one shortcut. here a string list one two three four five I can flex append the text, such as one two three→|four five
  6. # add separate appended item with tab # Customize hotkeys for each separation action # keeping history always
  7. All right! It's useful to sort the files and folders with using your smart folder workflow. There I have many tags. I hope it can be released in the future. But maybe it cannot use my custom tag name.
  8. It's great idea, where can I find this workflow, it is easy to tag any files, could it remove the tag for file?
  9. Could you make a workflow for easing use folderify, selecting the mask image, then use alfred to find the folder I want to change.
  10. I found that you build Icon Generator project, if it could be a workflow, it can work with folderify.
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