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  1. I did some investigation into this, and in theory it's possible to do.. Clipboard items are stored in an SQLite database here: ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 3/Databases/clipboard.alfdb If an entry is an image, it's file type is indicated via `dataType` column, and the file name is saved to a column named `dataHash`. The files themselves are saved to the following directory: ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 3/Databases/clipboard.alfdb.data In theory, it'd be possible to do it this way: - Gather `{n}` items from clipboard.alfdb via a simple database query - Iterate through items and append each to an in memory text object - Any items that have a `dataType` of `1` should be located in the `clipboard.alfdb.data` directory and probably need to be converted to blobs with: base64 -in "~/Library/Application\ Support/Alfred 3/Databases/clipboard.alfdb.data/$ITEM_DATAHASH" - Append blob to in memory text object - Copy in memory text object to clipboard no more items to iterate over It's probably a bit more tricky than this, I don't know if you can just copy a blob and some plaintext to the clipboard and paste it as file plus the plaintext, because the blob is plaintext.
  2. Just experienced this issue, also have @jukben's emoji workflow installed. Quitting the duplicate process from Activity Monitor fixed it.
  3. So this issue disappeared after Spark.app was updated via the App Store. I'm guessing some kind of permissions issue? Odd.
  4. Ok, turns out it is not resolved. Here is what happens: - Clear knowledge - Clear cache - Teach Alfred how to Find 'spark.app' with 'spar', 'spa', 'spa', 'spa', 'sp', 'sp', sp', 's'. Everything works great. - Carry on working for an hour, switching back and forth - Search for spark with 's', or 'sp' and it's not even on the list. The list is populated with things that don't even have 'sp' in their name (I haven't accidentally trained Alfred to open any of these apps with 'sp' either. I have experienced this scenario a few times now. It seems that 'Spark' is the only search where I'm having this problem. Searching for 'sp' or 's' seems to yield the exact same results that doesn't seem right to me. Wondering if there's a workflow, configuration or bug that's causing this somewhere. 🤔 Does anybody know how to fix this!?
  5. I resolved the issue by first rebuilding the MacOS metadata, and then after that clearing the cache. Took a bit of experimentation to figure out why this wasn't working. Thanks for input everyone.
  6. I want to be able to invoke 'Google Chrome' with 'c'. I am using full fuzzy mode, and if I perform a search for 'c' then Chrome is not in the list, so there's no way to teach Alfred to map 'c' to 'Google Chrome'. Is there a solution to this?
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