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  1. Hi everyone I created a spreadsheet of emoji along with keywords that can be copy/pasted into Alfred Snippet Generator to create your own custom emoji snippets. (I wanted to heavily customise my emoji snippets from the existing snippet sets that are available — mine are mostly based on the Slack/Github emoji shortcuts with tweaks to make them single-word whenever possible.) This will probably be useful to anyone who wants to create their own custom set of emoji snippets! Just clone the spreadsheet and make your own custom version, then copy/paste into Alfred Snippet Gen
  2. Hi everyone! I built something and wanted to let you know I wanted to make some snippets for HTML entities (I know there are some databases available, but I wanted to customise some of the keywords to my own liking). I searched online for something that would let me maintain a spreadsheet and convert that into the .alfredsnippet format. Found a few Python scripts but I wanted something simpler, so I built a quick in-browser that lets you copy a bunch of spreadsheet cells (copied cells are in TSV format), paste it into a big ol' textarea, and it'll generate/download th
  3. The "Press enter to open folders in Finder" file setting does not work for me. Folders always open in Finder, whether I have the option checked or not. Something I'm doing? Seems weird that I'd be the first person reporting it.
  4. Nothing is cooler than typing on the keyboard and changing something else in the house.
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