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  1. I thought maybe Alfred could keep track of how many times I select a particular bookmark and sort ones that were selected most often to the top. No problem if not. Thanks for the response!
  2. Don't suppose there is a way to make it learn to surface certain bookmarks to the top that I access more frequently?
  3. Works beautifully! Thank you again so much!
  4. Ahh, my bookmarks are in ~/Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser-Dev/Default/Bookmarks (...not "Brave-Browser/Default/Bookmarks".) They also have a Nightly build now that some people may use. Probably would use Brave-Browser-Nightly, but not sure. Any way to add a preference to specify what version you are using, or maybe it can check multiple folders somehow? Thanks for the quick responses!
  5. Changed "bm" to "braveb" - Same issue. Strange. No results. Using Brave Browser Dev version on both computers, latest version.
  6. Odd, this script works on my home computer, but not my work computer. My Brave bookmarks don't appear after typing "bm" and then something else. I'm rebuilding my metadata... Any other ideas if that doesn't work?
  7. Definitely separate. Guess there's no way to have it appear in the main results?
  8. Wow, thanks for the quick action! Of course adds another step to pulling up a website, but if I keep using Alfred I'll definitely use this. Thanks again.
  9. This seems to just search browser history, not bookmarks... or am I missing something? Launchbar supports importing a bookmarks.html file, which Brave can of course export (along with any other browser). Perhaps at the very least Alfred could offer this, that way users could use any browser they want and see its bookmarks in Alfred?
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