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  1. @Vero Sorry, I have `d` as a stand alone letter as a shortcut, as `d` on its own does not occur very often. However with `d` the word `I'd` triggers the shortcut, which is undesirable. Space followed by `d` doesn't work as on the command line, it would be the first character typed. Therefore what I'm asking is there a better way to set acceptable prefixes and suffixes to a snippet? I'd like to make a list like no proceeding character, enter, space. This is something that a regular expression could handle, but I don't think there's an interface to supply them to snippets. Thank you again. ~Shawn
  2. Thank you for the quick reply yet again, your support has been amazing. Ok, that makes sense, it still is breaking on `I'd` expanding out to `I'docker`. Is it possible to use different characters and non-printable characters as separators? For instance for `d` being `docker` I'd like to say if the letter d is proceeded by space or no-character and followed by space or enter, expand. The same goes for `;dd` example above, `;dd` followed by space or enter should expand, not just followed by space. ~Shawn
  3. Maybe this is a bug. Today I added another snippet `;dd`, which just returns the date without formatting (20190401), but I have another which is `;ddate` to return the date with formatting. I can no longer access the `;ddate` snippet. Once I've completed the second `d`, the snippet is being expanded automatically. Expand snippets mid-string is definitely not checked.
  4. Thank you for the response. It's definitely disabled. `I'docker ` still shows up. Enabling: I'docker like to say it causes a difference but it doesn't Disabled: I'docker like to say it stopped but it didn't The other is `g ` to git, with disabled I can type `going ` and not get `goingit ` but when enabled `goingit `. So disabling is right (I forgot to turn it off there and ended up with `disablingit `), in that it won't expand when I'm typing words. But either way I still get: `_d ` ==> `_docker ` `:d ` ==> `:docker ` `'d ` ==> `'docker ` `I'd ` ==> `I'docker ` So it looks like "Expand snippets mid-string" takes into account other letters as to whether the expansion should occur or not, but other punctuation characters are not. I know TextExpander has the ability to specify the punctuation that's included when determining word boundaries.
  5. I have a number of snippets that are short forms for standard commands, that don't occur in English, like `d` for `docker` and `g` for `git`. Overall these work quite well with very little conflicts. However words like `I'd` cause the `d` to expand to `docker`. It would be nice to be able to configure Alfred, either overall or per snippet, not to include `'` (single quote), `-` (dash), `_` (underscore) as word separators for use when expanding snippets.
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