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  1. Check my script below. This should work no matter how you position monitors or whether one is bigger or smaller … as long as it's just two. Didn't try it for more. If you are still interested 7 years + later
  2. Hi you might be interested in this. I build it for LaunchBar. But since it is just an applescript you should be able to make it work just fine in Alfred with just a few changes. It's a few lines of code. But it should cover pretty much all the bases. # http://superuser.com/questions/331313/how-to-automagically-move-windows-between-monitors-with-one-keystroke # https://stackoverflow.com/questions/6565703/math-algorithm-fit-image-to-screen-retain-aspect-ratio # https://forum.latenightsw.com/t/get-sizes-of-monitor-s-via-applescript/1351/10 --- use framework "Foundation" use framework
  3. Here is some help for you: https://twitter.com/quickcal/status/312588284415053826
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