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  1. @deanish I love your confidence in my skills! Thanks for the few keywords to help me get started on this journey. I really want to make sure whatever I do can be deployed to my team, and fortunately we've standardized on Macs. So we'll be purchasing more Alfred licenses once I make some progress. Any recommended reading?
  2. @deanishe Very good to know! I'm sure it's come up elsewhere in these forums, which I'll be digging through as I try to make more powerful workflows with this new site. Any other discussions you'd recommend to followers of this thread? I'm very interested in retrieving/caching search results directly in Alfred, which may be a challenge since it's behind a login. I learn a lot from reading how others have met similar needs.
  3. @FreeeG I think I have your solution and hope it is useful to you or others: Chrome > View > Developer > Allow Javascript from Apple Events I am working on a similar problem with an internal site that just stopped using URL-based search strings after an upgrade, and this thread was really useful. I'm NOT a coder but was able to adapt the code to my site and get it working. Prior to making the above change in Chrome, I was getting the same issue as you where the page would open but not run the code. Pasting my code into the Console worked properly. After making the above change it's running properly and I can start building a more complex workflow around it.
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