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    Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, laser cutting (Glowforge Pro), tools and toolmaking, hypnosis, social and group dynamics, carpentry, siamese-oriental cats, science, filmmaking, art & drawing, 3d modeling.... too many to list. Oh, and Alfred App!

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  1. Please submit a PR to the original devs repo.
  2. Probably your Notion.so authentication token has expired. Create a new token according to documentation and try again. Try turning on debugging in the Alfred workflow and see what that outputs.
  3. Hey, would it be much work (I don't know Python!) to add - in addition to searching with `ns` an operator like `nsall` that returns every "title" from ny Notion items? - or searching and returning everything (or just the titles/names!) inside a particular Table?
  4. This workflow is awesome. I'm going to use it hundreds of times every day. I had it on my todo to make it myself, but haven't gotten around to it. Notion is awesome. When the (official) Notion API hits, it's gonna change everything.
  5. Hey, this is a great idea. Can you share how you made the Crome app with the clipper? I can see if I can figure out how to quit the dialog somehow. Do you use Karabiner, BTT, hammerspoon or any other such utility? (I use Karabiner (only for converting caps lock to Hyper key) and BTT). I am looking for a more general purpose workflow for Notion. My main problems with Notion: - it is incredibly slow, even on a 10-core iMac Pro - have no search and replace - search features in general are not up to par - is not scriptable Wha
  6. I'm not looking to create an Alfred Workflow, I'm looking to integrate *Alfred itself* into another utility, or re-create a rudimentary environment in which my own utility can talk with workflows originally created for Alfred. If anyone has done anything like this, previous projects or blueprints would be awesome, no matter which language it's written in
  7. [This is a reignition of an old thread from 2013.] Thank you for Alfred, it's been an awesome addition over all these years and continues to improve. I should have been an affiliate as I've generated numerous new customers over the years:) But - see this screenshot from an iMac Pro 27" and you see the problem users with larger monitors and/or high DPI settings have: 1. Alfred is *still* after all these years - limited to 9 results, and now it's become a problem - is it on the roadmap to add the option for more results? 2. I've developed
  8. What happened to this age old request? I find myself scrolling in results all the time, especially when returned results from e.g. web apps, devonthink and similar, 9 items, why such an arbitrary number? I'm running Alfred4 on an iMac Pro with 5K monitor on the far top of the monitor, I have room and would in fact prefer for the entire screen to be filled with results if that would be possible to configure. I'm doing a search; i want to see the results, and Alfred limits me to the top 8% of my monitor, whats up with that in 2019? 🙂 Other than that Alfred is kek-ath. Just needs a better iO
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