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  1. Got it figured out. I had an outdated Google device management profile from work carried over from the previous machine. I got a new one, and Alfred is now back to full ability to open Chrome no matter what.
  2. Here's a screen recording. Notice there's a Chrome startup screen that does briefly show before the application disappears. I'll add that I in fact can use Alfred's application launcher to launch Chrome; that is, if I type Chrome into Alfred, that'll work. It's when I use Alfred's web search that it doesn't.
  3. Ever since I migrated from my 16-in Intel MacBook Pro to my 14-in M1 MacBook Pro, Alfred 4.6.1 [1274] on macOS 12.1 won't launch Google Chrome 96.0.4664.110. Chrome will launch with a click on the dock or the Applications folder icon just fine, and once Chrome is launched, Alfred can direct it like a champ. It's just the launch of the thing. I'm able to replicate this every time I try. I'll try to post a screenshot or screen recording after this initial post.
  4. @davidnpayne Glad you’ve found some use for it. Alas, given that the URL doesn’t change when I narrow a search, I don’t think there’s any way to split it up.
  5. Great idea. Done. Thank you for helping me learn by doing.
  6. Here is a workflow that uses smidgen of PHP to effectively re-enable an Alfred web search of Salesforce in its Lightning UI: https://github.com/scottstilson/AlfredSearchSalesforceLightning. You’ll need to change the instance number from the ‘na61’ that’s in the Run Script component to your Salesforce instance.
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