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    JJJJ reacted to Acidham in Apple Reminders   
    Adds reminders to Apples Reminders Inbox
    Syntax: rm <Title>;<due day>;<time>
    Following options:
    due day and time are empty: due day will be set to today with 3 hours from now time is empty: Reminder will be set to date provided at given time accepted date format: <day>.<months> or <day>.<months>.<year> or tomorrow, next week or <weekday> weekday e.g. "Wednesday": Reminder will be set to the next weekday accepted time format: <hours> or <hours>:<minutes> rmhelp opens quick help in Large Type
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    JJJJ reacted to deanishe in Multiple arguments to multiple tabs in one query   
    Right. I see the problem. The URL isn't being properly escaped, so the shell is interpreting the &.
    Change this line:
    shell_exec('open ' . $url); to:
    shell_exec('open ' . escapeshellarg($url));  
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    JJJJ reacted to iman in DownMedia — Download media from popular sources   
    Thanks Vitor!!   This is the very first Alfred Workflow I have downloaded and used, and it works great!! 
    I am very, very, very new to Alfred and all things having to do with running commands in terminal and workflows using Alfred, etc...
    I feel like I have opened up a whole new world of fun stuff to learn and use with my computer (Mac) and have you to thank.
    I remember in 4th grade when I first was taught basic Algebra (2 - x = 5) and I was blown away at this new way to solve a problem, and felt so excited about Math and this fun new way to think.  Unfortunately I went a different way in my life then was good for me - and only now at 45 years old do I have the motivation to learn something new.  After using these workflows and learning about commands in terminal, etc.. I feel just like that kid in 4th grade, with my mind open and am looking forward to this new journey.
    Thank you so much!
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    JJJJ reacted to imrichvalach in Give text commands to Siri using Alfred.   
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    JJJJ reacted to lorentzca in List and open Dropbox Paper documents   
    This workflow allow you to list and open your Dropbox Paper documents.

    You can download it from here: https://github.com/lorentzca/alfred-dropboxpaper-workflow/releases
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    JJJJ reacted to Vookimedlo in alfred-various-screenshots   
    Dear Alfred users,
    Here is another screenshots workflow for Alfred. I created it while I has learnt how to write an Alfred workflow. Maybe you find it useful.
    Github: https://github.com/vookimedlo/alfred-various-screenshots
    Github - released package: https://github.com/vookimedlo/alfred-various-screenshots/releases/latest
    Alfred 3 workflow for taking various screenshots.
    Currently supported storages are the following.
    Local drive Clipboard Dropbox service with an ability to share a link to the uploaded screenshot. Transfer.sh service with an ability to share a link to the uploaded screenshot. 0x0.st service with an ability to share a link to the uploaded screenshot. File.io service with an ability to share a link to the uploaded screenshot. After uploaded image is downloaded, the file is completely deleted!!! Installation
    Install alfred-various-screenshots workflow. All further updates are handled automatically. Usage
    In Alfred, type ss, which stands for ScreenShot and initiates a submenu which offers three options.
    Screenshot - Area Screenshot - Screen Screenshot - Window  
    By default, the screenshot is stored in a file located at your ~/Desktop directory. This could be overridden, either by pressing the ⌘ key, ⌥ key, ⌃ key, ⇧ key, or Fn key.
    ⌘ - instructs the workflow to put a screenshot to the clipboard. ⌥ - shares a screenshot via Dropbox and stores a sharing link to the clipboard. ⌃ - shares a screenshot via Transfer.sh and stores a sharing link to the clipboard. ⇧ - shares a screenshot via File.io and stores a sharing link to the clipboard. Fn - shares a screenshot via 0x0.st and stores a sharing link to the clipboard. Screenshot files will be named according to the following pattern screenshot_%Y-%m-%d_%H-%M-%S.png
    Y Year in full form (e.g., 2006). m Numeric month, a number from 1 to 12. d Day, a number from 1 to 31. H Hour, a number from 0 to 23. M Minutes, a number from 0 to 59. S Seconds, a number from 0 to 59. Default local screenshot folder ~/Desktop can be changed by the workflow DefaultLocalScreenshotFolder variable.

    There is no need to install a Dropbox software to your MacOS. The only requirement is to log into the web Dropbox account and create an access token for the workflow.

    Such generated access token shall be placed to the workflow DropboxAccessToken variable.

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    JJJJ reacted to deanishe in TimeZones - a World Clock script filter [updated to v1.7]   
    Bloody hell. That was fast!
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    JJJJ reacted to Jarek in TimeZones - a World Clock script filter [updated to v1.7]   
    Thank you for troubleshooting and suggesting a fix. I've included it in the branch and released v2.13 
    It can be downloaded from https://github.com/jaroslawhartman/TimeZones-Alfred/releases
    Best regards,
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    JJJJ reacted to deanishe in Is there a workflow can reveal a opened file in finder   
    Also, if anyone's considering building a "Reveal in Finder" workflow, I'd very strongly recommend using a model similar to my AppScripts or Safari Assistant workflows.

    Provide a built-in and a user script directory, and put application-specific scripts in there. When the workflow's run, it should grab the name/bundle ID of the active application, look for a corresponding script in the script directories and run it if found.

    The potential for requests to add support for apps is basically limitless, so you really want to make it easy for users to add support for apps themselves, and to answer any feature requests to support app XYZ with "Sure. Write the necessary script, submit a PR, and I'll add it to the next release."
    Otherwise, you're going to be dealing with endless support requests, many of which will be impossible to implement.
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    JJJJ reacted to dfay in Is there a workflow can reveal a opened file in finder   
    At the end of this thread there’s an example of trying to target multiple PDF apps (Skim, Preview and Devonthink) with a single Applescript - it’s doable but requires a lot of testing and customizing - unfortunately Applescript grammar isn’t standard even for these most basic tasks.
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    JJJJ reacted to vitor in Is there a workflow can reveal a opened file in finder   
    Then the file type doesn’t matter. That’s what I’m saying: you can tell an application to reveal a document in the Finder, it doesn’t matter what it is. And since you’re telling the application, you can’t have a generic solution, you’d have to include specific grammar for specific apps.
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    JJJJ reacted to deanishe in Is there a workflow can reveal a opened file in finder   
    To be clear: the kind of file is irrelevant, it's the application that the file is open in that matters.
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    JJJJ reacted to vitor in QuitArena — Quit all apps, with exceptions   
    Call qapps and all apps excluding the ones you set in the keep_alive Workflow Environment Variable will quit. The Finder and Alfred (including Alfred Preferences) are added to the exclusion list by default, unless you set their kill_ variables to true.

    Use the exact application names as they present themselves to the system. To prevent multiple apps from quitting, separate their names with commas.

    qprocesses will kill all processes, subject to the same keep_alive and kill_ settings, meaning even things in the background that you don’t see will be asked to quit.

    The External Triggers allow to temporarily override which apps to keep alive by passing them as the argument.

    Note both options ask the apps to exit (SIGTERM) instead of telling them (SIGKILL). If you need to force individual processes to terminate, use ProcessControl instead.

    Download | Source
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    JJJJ reacted to Chris Spiegl in Ability to Duplicate Web Searches   
    I'm just giving this a bump since there has been no reaction. Is this you are considering?
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    JJJJ reacted to bazerman in [Alfred 3] Google Inline Search (open URL + copy to clipboard)   
    I am still so gutted about this - anyone found any alternatives? As a non developer, what would be the learning curve like if I was to take this on myself and try to fix the HTML parsers?
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    JJJJ got a reaction from vitor in [SOLVED] Quit all except [named app]   
    Totally understandable, thank you for your interest. 
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    JJJJ reacted to Acidham in Search Alfred Workflows (Alfred 4)   
    Done and released on Git!
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