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  1. Thanks for the help @Indolamine I had already posted elsewhere asking why it wouldn't work for me. The 'full disk access' just sorted it out! 😁 @Vero this workflow is brilliant, thanks. 👍
  2. EDIT - Thanks @deanishe for the install instructions above. I have it sorted out now.
  3. Hey all! 😁 I only found Alfred yesterday, thanks to a YouTube video where the guy mentioned it as a 'must have' Mac OS app. Thank you all for the work on Alfred, workflows and everything else I am finding on this forum. forums are so damn good when ppl get together like this and share the good stuff 😃 Thanks folks! These workflows and stuff are incredible.
  4. Thx for this workflow! I am new to Alfred and workflows, however, this is the first one to be added. Brilliant Regards, Richard.
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