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  1. Hi all. Happy Saturday. I've just started to dig into Alfred for things beyond launching apps. I've got a bunch of randomly-named files that I symlink into a "quick access" directory: $ ls Quick Example.txt -> ../entries/B9K0EP7C5B1W6KF30S3C.txt Foo.txt -> ../entries/HPE1MMGUHFU3KS13TD6K.txt Alfred can easily find these files by the "long" name/symlink-target (B9K0...) but not by the short/symlink name (Example.txt). I want to be able to find 'B9K0EP7C5B1W6KF30S3C.txt' by searching for 'Example.txt'. Other posts mention this in the context of applications installed by `brew cask` and the like, but I would like to be able to search for symlinks by their names (I guess not have Alfred follow symlinks before indexing their names). Am I out of luck on a simple way to accomplish this? I'm handy with code and could start to create my own workflow for this but it seems like it may be a common thing? Maybe there's an existing workflow I could use? I searched for a good 10 minutes before posting but apologies if this is covered elsewhere. Appreciate any input.
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