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  1. Thank you but... she also said: "As Andrew said, there are plans for the future of Remote, however, because it's been such a stable, bug-free app, there's been no need for a release. Many companies put out updates almost weekly, purely because they're fixing bugs constantly." Andrew said: "Alfred Remote will be receiving a big "Version 2" update, I'm already planning the feature set and improvements." This question was really meant for staff who know what is going on with the development of Alfred Remote 2. The most recent comment on the topic is from July of 2018. I didn't want to buy version 1 and have version 2 released in 2 months and have to pay again. That would irritate me...
  2. I have a question about version 2... if I buy version 1 now will be upgraded to version 2 free? If I will need to pay again what is the expected release of version 2?
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