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  1. Go to Features > Snippets. It will be close to the upper margin, right at the center.
  2. @vitor, thanks for the suggestion, but that seems like a rather brutal approach seeing that it would delete other versions installed with pyenv. I found an alternative, however. Downloading and installing it directly from https://www.python.org/downloads/release/python-2718/
  3. I am getting a weird error trying to install Python 2. Due to Homebrew's readline and openssl, perhaps? Just wondering if someone could lend me a hand on figuring this out.
  4. Indeed and that proved to be the case. For future reference, the JSON str will get truncated if it is too long, but this only happens in the debugger window. The problem was actually being caused by linefeeds present inside the some of the fields (despite having rules in place to fix this in my script). Thank you @deanishe and @Mr Pennyworth for your willingness to help.
  5. I did. The content doesn't seem to matter. Alfred truncates it at the precise same location every time (that is, after 200.094 characters). Can you think of any workflow that I could look into to adapt for my situation? I was also thinking that it would be a good idea to build a cache so that the search is not performed every time. Thanks, I will look into it to se if there is an applicable solution for me there.
  6. This is a workflow for filtering notes in Tinderbox. I have an applescript that will collect all the notes in the file with the URL and assemble it in a JSON format that Alfred can ingest. Example: { "items" : [{ "title": "Tinderbox-Acadêmico", "subtitle": "", "arg": "tinderbox://Tinderbox-Acade%CC%82mico?view=outline+select=1618577108;", }, { "title": "TbxConfig", "subtitle": "", "arg": "tinderbox://Tinderbox-Acade%CC%82mico?view=outline+select=1617846680;", }, { "title": "Hints", "subtitle": "", "arg": "tinderbox://Tinderbox-Acade%CC%82mico?view=outline+select=1616867062;", } ]} I am using a script filter and the problem is that the whole string is 270.000 characters long, but Alfred truncates it at approx. 200.000 and never displays any result. Is there any way to get this to work and still use Alfred to filter the results?
  7. I gave it a few more runs and here is what I am getting: [14:27:48.838] Logging Started... [14:27:56.053] Pandoctor[Keyword] Processing complete [14:27:56.054] Pandoctor[Keyword] Passing output '' to Run Script [14:27:59.285] ERROR: Pandoctor[Run Script] . 14:27:56 workflow.py:2063 DEBUG ---------- Pandoctor ---------- 14:27:56 pandoctor.py:1206 DEBUG {u'<argument>': None, u'<flag>': None, u'config': True, u'help': False, u'launch': False, u'run': False, u'search': False, u'store': False} 14:27:56 workflow.py:1695 DEBUG loading cached data: /Users/PATH/Workflow Data/com.hackademic.pandoctor/runner.cpickle 14:27:59 workflow.py:2080 ERROR local variable 'outputs' referenced before assignment Traceback (most recent call last): File "/Users/PATH/workflows/user.workflow.6B66C5E8-4C90-42A7-9B89-CF227389ECF5/workflow/workflow.py", line 2073, in run func(self) File "pandoctor.py", line 1208, in main res = pd.run(args) File "pandoctor.py", line 355, in run return method() File "pandoctor.py", line 429, in config_codepath self.pandoc.config() File "pandoctor.py", line 121, in config self.store('pandoc', 'outputs', self._formats('output')) File "pandoctor.py", line 234, in _formats for out in outputs: UnboundLocalError: local variable 'outputs' referenced before assignment 14:27:59 workflow.py:2103 DEBUG ---------- finished in 2.938s ---------- [14:27:59.300] Pandoctor[Run Script] Processing complete [14:27:59.301] Pandoctor[Run Script] Passing output '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <items><item valid="no"><title>Error in workflow 'Pandoctor'</title><subtitle>local variable 'outputs' referenced before assignment</subtitle><icon>/System/Library/CoreServices/CoreTypes.bundle/Contents/Resources/AlertStopIcon.icns</icon></item></items>' to Post Notification Considering that the previous issue had to do with the get function, and that the Pandoc website probably changed the content of the page, it might have to do with that. I checked those lines in the scripts to see if they would make any sense to me, but I don't really know enough python to understand what's wrong. Any insight is much appreciated.
  8. Hi Stelios, I could not find instructions for using a template anywhere. Where do you place them? Thanks
  9. I know. My question was directed to you and others in order to know if you were still using it and if so by means of which fix. It might be the case that someone took the trouble of fixing it, but perhaps not to post it here or elsewhere.
  10. Are you guys still using this workflow? I tried the suggested fixes, but to no avail. Considering how Pandoc is such an important tool for those writing in plain text, I find it a shame that this should remain broken (considering it is the case). I went as far as creating an Keyboard Maestro macro for using Pandoc with input for parameters, but it is rather rudimentary compared to what this workflow could do. If I can't get this to work, I will try to recreate some of its functions (in Alfred) using Applescript, as that is the best I can do (I am rather clueless in python).
  11. Incredibly useful workflow. Thank you for it, @deanishe. I was wondering if it is possible to set up a match column on the sheet or if the workflow will always match the title only.
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