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    Bernardo_V reacted to smarg19 in Pandoctor: An Alfred GUI for Pandoc   
    To everyone who still has interest in this workflow:
    I am sorry that it no longer works. I no longer need or use the workflow. I developed it when I was in graduate school and writing all the time. I have since left academia and haven't really needed this (or my other workflows) in years. However, I do still love this little workflow and would love to get it healthy again, but it has been years since I've fiddled with Alfred workflows. If anyone wants to become the new maintainer, I would be happy to spend a weekend afternoon or an evening pairing with someone to get it updated and fixed and then hand over the Github repo. Let me know if you are interested.
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    Bernardo_V reacted to dfay in Fuzzy, self-updating list filter workflow template   
    # fuzzylist
    Fuzzy, self-updating list filter workflow for Alfred 3
    This is a workflow template - it does nothing as is.
    ## Usage:
    - create a csv file like you would for an Alfred List Filter
    - name the file *list.csv* and add it to the workflow directory
    On the initial run, the workflow will create a file list.json for output to the fuzzy search.  If list.csv is modified, it will update list.json .  
    ## Credits
    - uses fuzzy.py by @deanishe - https://github.com/deanishe/alfred-fuzzy
    ## Download
    workflow at https://github.com/derickfay/fuzzylist/blob/master/Fuzzy List Filter.alfredworkflow
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    Bernardo_V reacted to drgrib in New Bear Alfred Workflow   
    I've created a new Bear Alfred workflow here:

    It is faster compared to the current Bear Alfred workflow because it is written in Go instead of Python and has optimized SQL queries. It also adds tag searching and autocompletion, link pasting, and clipboard content to note on creation. I do appreciate the author of the original Bear Alfred workflow because I started mine from his design.
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    Bernardo_V reacted to Terminal in Feature Request : Interactive Variables for Snippets   
    Sure will upload the python script shortly. 
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