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  1. Hey Alfred friends! I'm spinning my wheels on a workflow trying to accomplish something that seems like it should be straightforward, but is giving me a headache. The high-level idea was that I wanted to recreate an alias I have in the commandline. The alias is: alias howto="cat ~/.aliases ~/.functions ~/.commands | grep $1" The aliases, functions, and commands files are basically just files that have commands I'd like to use frequently or aliases that I have and want to reference quickly. It works great for when I forget how to do a thing on the commandline in g
  2. Alfred Wifi Speedtest Alfred Wifi Speedtest is a workflow for Alfred 4, that uses speedtest-cli and reports back in a notification the upload/download speeds of the current wifi you're on. Why? Since COVID hit, my wifi speeds have plummeted (Verizon cap/bottleneck maybe?). I hate needing to google for a wifi speedtest every time I have to check if my wifi speed will be good enough for the call I'm about to join. I have to open another tab, ads clutter my screen while running the speedtest, and it's one more thing cluttering my screen. This workflow makes a
  3. No error, that's the strange part. The screencapture command just doesn't work. It captures the background instead of the current window. I documented it here: https://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/374158/why-is-screencapture-taking-the-screenshot-of-the-desktop-image-and-not-the-wind
  4. I get the strangest behavior on Catalina. I'd run the workflow and it'd give me no errors, but it'd also give an empty notification saying it was "done" but their wouldn't be anything in my clipboard. It turns out that the screenshot command sort of isn't working on Catalina. It'll run and take a screenshot, but whenever you take a screenshot of something on the computer, it'll actually take a screenshot of your desktop BEHIND the window you're trying to capture. 🤯 Does anyone even know where to begin debugging this? It seems like their is something wrong with the `screenshot` method itself, b
  5. So is this the explanation on why this gem has stopped running? It uses a bash script under the hood. https://github.com/nicooprat/alfred-ocr How do we get something like this working again? I used this daily and now it's broken. 😕
  6. It seems like the token is valid and works. Does no one else use this workflow? It seems like it'd be pretty helpful to more than just me...
  7. I know this is a super old thread and I'm not sure if this has been addressed or not recently, but I went through the whole process of getting an API key and put into the workflow the User ID and token, but if never asks for a password. It also doesn't work when I try querying something. I don't know PHP at all. Can anyone help?
  8. I'm also searching for this feature. I have 3 monitors and they are in a row from left to right. I sometimes write something on my notebook and then look up and try to activate alfred and I think my keyboard shortcut isn't working because it's just on the screen in the opposite that I'm looking.
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