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  1. Ah... I may try the Hazel approach. Inefficient maybe, but if that works it's something. I also didn't know that there is an alfred:ignore tag, which helps with other single files that appear occasionally! Thanks!
  2. Hi, I need to exclude files from searches in Alfred, but they should be available in Spotlight. Can't figure out how to do it... I like to find my DevonThink databases, but not the individual files within them. What did I overlook? Hans
  3. Hi all, are there any news on this topic? I have the same issue, but can't get any workflow plus applescript to work. Ideally... 1 - I type a note in Alfred, to 2 - then chose a contact, so 3 - the notes field gets prepended with a date stamp + the content of my note. As I'm not the expert on Applescript, the ones I found online and modified didn't work, and I didn't even figure out how to pass {query} into the script. ;-((( Any helpful hints would be greatly appreciated. Hans
  4. Hi, was struggling with this, too, and eventually running bs workflow:reset did it. Thanks! Hans
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