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  1. Hey guys, I've just created this handy GitHub Action to build .alfredworkflow files for your releases: https://github.com/marketplace/actions/build-an-alfred-workflow And this is the repo where I use the action: https://github.com/mperezi/alfred-yaml Hope you find it useful!
  2. YAML Validator Workflow Alfred workflow to validate YAML documents Usage In Alfred, trigger the File Search by pressing space Enter the name of your .yml file Use → to reveal the File Actions panel Select the Validate option Feel free to give some feedback! Github: https://github.com/mperezi/alfred-yaml Download: https://github.com/mperezi/alfred-yaml/releases/latest
  3. Hi, My question is simple. Alfred 4 has recently added the feature to colorize Large Type Output. You can change the foreground color and the background color among other settings. But can you apply different styles to different portions of the text? For those of you who have played around with ansi escape sequences it would be something like this: echo -e "\033[31;1;4mHello\033[5mworld" The above line would yield the following result into the terminal: Hello world Can I get something similar?
  4. I'm curious. Can you point to any examples?
  5. wow, that was quick! But what if I have .yml files registered with another application on my other computer? The UTI will be different, won't it?
  6. I know this is an old thread but I'm facing this problem still in 2019. The thing goes like that: I create a workflow with a File Action for YAML files. I drag a .yml file into the box and it says "org.vim.yaml-file". The workflow runs fine. Then I install these workflow on another computer. It doesn't trigger. Find out (mdls) that kMDItemContentType is "dyn.ah62d4uv4ge804550" The question is: do I have to instruct the users of my workflow to drag a .yml file after installing it? isn't there any way around this? (actually that's two questions)
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