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  1. I discovered a fun little issue when I moved my iTunes library to an external drive. Ol' Pedro couldn't find my music. It may be worth adding an optional configuration option to tell Pedro where to look, but I was able to solve it by simply going to my Music folder in Terminal and typing: ln -s /Volumes/Backup/iTunes Now DJ Pedro is happy.
  2. One artist I was seeing it a LOT with was "John Butler Trio". Fairly obscure, but good :-) I'll try the longer timeout and let you know. As I recall, though, I was getting that error pretty much instantly with that artist. Very likely more of a last.fm problem than a DJ Pedro problem. If I go to this page http://www.last.fm/music/The+John+Butler+Trio/+similar, I see that I have no of the artists that last.fm considers similar except for maybe some Ben Harper, so your scenario seems pretty likely. Thanks. Really enjoying the workflow. It's helping me rediscover the music I own.
  3. Very cool stuff. I'm getting the slightly-more-than occasional "Oops...something went wrong, try adjusting your settings" message. May be my slightly-more-than different taste in music, so I am not too worried about that. And I'm happy to report it works fine and dandy with iTunes Match. Seamless.
  4. Fantastic idea, unfortunately doesn't work for me. My guess would be it's because our Jenkins instance requires login with Google credentials.
  5. FWIW I debugged this by throwing a notification in right after my input, so I could see the query that was getting passed along. Helped a lot.
  6. I managed to get it working with a Hotkey with no issues. That works fine. Thanks for your help! Simple workflow, but now I can install an app without using my mouse
  7. Quotes didn't help. I'm currently leaning toward me just starting with the right place. I see other workflows that are doing something to the file selected in Finder, and they aren't starting with a file filter. All of them seem to be using custom scripts. I might have to go that route.
  8. This should be the simplest workflow ever devised. I wanted to simply be able to select a file in my downloads folder or a DMG, wake Alfred up and type "install" and the workflow would simply copy the selected .app file to your /Applications folder. I've tried a few different ways, but I think the right way is a file filter followed by a script. So I have a file filter set up to take only application files, and I have a script that executes: "cp -R {query} /Applications/" I thought it could be a permissions thing, so I'd need "sudo cp -R {query} /Applications/", but wasn't sure
  9. Recent Downloads by Dajun Duan - http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/338-recent-downloads-with-feedback/
  10. Dropbox Quick Links by Duane Johnson - http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/547-dropbox-short-links-workflow/
  11. Uninstall with AppCleaner by Jonas Eriksen - http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/164-wi-fi-toggle-network-location-fast-user-switching-finder-settings/
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  13. Very nice. Thank you. There are 2 flows into the same workflow (2 hotkeys) In case it's not obvious to others (it wasn't to me) the top one does the shortened URL, and the bottom one does a full URL. One thing I will likely change eventually unless someone beats me to it is to use a notification instead of the large text. On my 27" iMac when that large text pops up it just about smacks me in the face. Very well done. Thanks again.
  14. Nice. I'll use this daily. Thank you.
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