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  1. Hi apb123, The link is broken...
  2. I've some doubts how it works the sync when you make changes to a workflow, the only way I could sync the changes made was to export it after editing directly in Alfred preferences, and then reimport to make the tweaked version sync. Is there any way around? It would be nice to have a "reload workflow" option, that way we could edit the scripts from the sync folder and see it happen. Thank you
  3. Some tweaks after a day using the theme: install: Solarized Dark (hi-less)
  4. More is less install: Solarized Dark (less)
  5. hi glgray, to change the overall width you can mouse over the background while pressing cmd ⌘ key, it should output this: increase window width simultaneous press shift to decrease the width, to apply any change you should click. : )
  6. Adding a "monochromatic" version: install: Solarized Dark (mono)
  7. Hi, Is there any guidelines on how to post a new theme? I've follow other users, posted a image (snapshot form the preview on preferences) and posted a link to the install... Thank you
  8. Thank you burke! Hope you don't mind if I reply with another take of Solarized Dark, this way we keep forum uncluttered. install: Solarized Dark