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  1. It looks like the latest 1Password 4 beta introduced a new preference that exports a bookmarks JSON file that Alfred can read.
  2. It's no problem. On line 30 in extension_utils.php, replace $c->addChild( $key, $b[$key] ); with $c->$key = $b[$key]; Then, in search.php, on lines 38 - 41, remove the methods (utf8_encode and htmlentities) wrapping the attribute calls. For instance, instead of 'uid' => utf8_encode ( htmlentities ( $bookmark->url ) ), it should read: 'uid' => $bookmark->url,
  3. I found a possible fix that seems to be holding up to whatever weird entities I throw at it. I looked it up, and apparently SimpleXML will automatically do all the escaping it needs when using the assignment operator instead of addChild. Therefore, I tweaked the arrayToXml() function in extension_utils, replacing: $c->addChild( $key, $b[$key] ); with: $c->$key = $b[$key]; and deleted the wrapping utf8_encode(htmlentities()) calls in search.php. Hope this works for you guys!
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