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  1. Just tested it, and although I can change the color to black in the dialog, and still see it. When I paste, it is back to white, and if I re-open the workflow the text color is back to white... I'm using Dark Mode, if that makes a difference. Update - I'm not sure if this was expected but it seems that I need to regenerate the workflow step which used RTF to get the updated but it works now. Thanks.
  2. This is probably an enhancement request, and I'm not sure if it's even possible, but can RTF format specify the attributes which need to be formatted and let the rest match where it's pasted? I often need to generate some calculated text via workflow and then color code the text based on the values, but the font and font size needs to match whatever is the existing format where pasted.
  3. I just started using the Rich Text capabilities and Alfred 4 within a workflow and I found the following issues. Using the copy to clipboard if the format is rich text then the {var:varname} syntax does not replace with the variable, instead it adds "{var:varname}" to the clipboard. Same information with setting as plain text does the variable substitution just fine When you select rich text the text is which against a black background (dark mode?), which then is white so the resulting text is white , and if you want dark text you have to set it to black which isn't readable on the dark background. David
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