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  1. Ah, think I found the issue. It looks like firefox is using a default-release profile - not sure how that was generated or chosen. edit - how could I point the workflow to that profile? edit2 - nevermind I got it Thanks deanishe, this workflow should be more than enough until Firefox makes their bookmarks easier for the team to work with. Especially since you can hotkey it and avoid the need for the ff prefix. Thanks so much!
  2. [18:56:39.187] Logging Stopped. [18:56:39.602] Logging Started... [18:56:41.741] Firefox Bookmarks[Hotkey] Processing complete [18:56:41.743] Firefox Bookmarks[Hotkey] Passing output '' to Script Filter [18:56:43.610] Firefox Bookmarks[Script Filter] Queuing argument '(null)' [18:56:43.708] Firefox Bookmarks[Script Filter] Script with argv '(null)' finished [18:56:43.710] STDERR: Firefox Bookmarks[Script Filter] . 0.000s ⧗ load profile profile=Profile(name='default', path='/Users/aawoepifj/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/vthbw7qx.default', default=True) 0.000s ⧗ load bookmarks 0 b
  3. Do you mind elaborating on how to use this plugin? I've installed it, enabled the setting in about:config, and restarted firefox but still no dice. Sounds like I'm missing a step to setup my Firefox profile in the Alfred workflow but I'm not sure how to do that.
  4. Would also like to see this. Chrome is horrible for privacy and safari's extensions are limited.
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