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  1. My default application for opening PDFs is Preview, on the basis that I usually just want to read them. Quite often however, I may be editing a PDF, so will open it in Acrobat Pro. I know I can achieve the latter using Alfred's text bar and directional arrows etc. to select which application to open it with, but I find this cumbersome. Is there any way I can create a workflow which, at the press of a keyboard combination, will open the file highlighted in Finder using a specific app? Thanks
  2. Thanks vitor, although Finder windows now don't close with that workflow - a necessary compromise, or something that could still be included?
  3. Thanks viator. The newly version tries to close the second app listed - Fantastical 2. Below is the output from the earlier script editor text you provided, which seems to confirm the name of the app is Fantastical 2: {"Google Chrome", "Finder", "Script Editor", "Fantastical 2"} I've also attached an image of how I've entered the apps to exclude from closing. Any thoughts?
  4. The plot thickens - how can I add multiple exceptions to this? I tried adding another 'keep alive' variable (and adding a different app to it) but I'm guessing they have to be unique?
  5. My bad - the app in question is in fact TickTick (without a space), so changing the variable accordingly got it sorted. Many thanks vitor.
  6. Hi vitor, thanks for the reply. Doesn't work for me unfortunately - the workflow executes, but closes all apps including Tick Tick (nice bonus is that the workflow closes open Finder windows, another thing I was trying to work out). Also, side side question - if Tick Tick is listed in the variables, what's the point of requiring an argument to go with the Highlander keyword? Why wouldn't the workflow execute without the need for a keyword?
  7. I've seen variations of this question elsewhere, but not exactly what I'm looking for. I've been using Alfred's 'Quit All Apps' to tidy up open applications at the end of my study sessions. But I have a certain app (Tick Tick) that I need to stay open in the background even when it receives a quit command. I'm a complete novice as far as workflows are concerned but what I'd like to do is either i) create a custom workflow that replicates Alfred's 'Quit All Apps' command, but with an exception or ii) find a way to edit the 'Quit All Apps' command so that it excludes Tick Tick (not
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