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  1. Thank you Giulio, this does help! I still wish I could see more than 10 results at the same time in Alfred's window though; now even if I select 40 in File Search/Result limit, only 10 results are shown at once, and then I have to scroll down to see more of them. No way around this I guess
  2. Could you allow us to vastly/arbitrarily increase the size of Alfred's search-window, so that you could 1 allow for (many) more than 9 results to be displayed (say, up to 30). 2 display the whole filename even when it is very long? This would be very useful to me as I always use a simpler file filter workflow to search between many files with similar and long filename s, and for which I need to see the whole filename (these are scientific papers, which I often search by the authors names and of which I do not remember the titles by heart, although I can recognize it when I read
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