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  1. I’m sure it has to do with Apple doing their own mumbo jumbo on their file APIs and in the Finder window. It might be possible for Alfred devs to reverse engineer it. In ~/Library/Mobile Documents are all the folders in their own weird app bundle kind of naming scheme. They include a Documents folder which is ultimately where the contents of these application folders is. Are Alfred devs reading here?
  2. Not biased. https://www.alfredapp.com/extras/theme/n0zJWXAe5k/ Set search text font to "Helvetica Neue" and choose the Medium weight option to match my screenshot. I keep the hat for style.
  3. Hey Community, Legendary Supporter here. I love using iCloud Drive (most of the time) and am regularly scanning documents with an iOS app called "SwiftScan" (previously ScanBot, ScanPro...). It saves the scans into its own iCloud Drive folder named after the application. Now, among the other iCloud Drive folders I'd like if Alfred shows them just like my other folders. Currently, they are not included in my search results at all. This only affects automatically created application folders. What can I do except making Workflows targeted by keyword?
  4. Striking with a beautiful display font, creating a nice contrast to search results. Bold font is DIN Next LT https://gist.github.com/felixqueisler/e0268924a409275c6daec735aa79616b
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