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  1. Hi, 1 was ticked, 2 had the library. I refreshed the cache (which I had tried before). I tried another random album and it worked (though again in iTunes the playlist below was showing). I'll keep trying over the next few days and will report if/when I have a problem. Thanks for the rapid reply. Have a great weekend! Richard
  2. Hello, In Alfred 4, the Random Album command for iTunes works intermittently. I can get a new album in the Alfred playlist and it starts playing, though strangely when you go to iTunes, it displays the playlist BELOW Alfred, so you don't see the right album or songs... After choosing a few albums, the feature stops working. I enter "random" and the music in the Alfred playlist doesn't change and no music plays. My workaround is to close out Alfred and iTunes, which does not always work and I need to try as few times. I should note that I do not u
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