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  1. This is exactly what i feel. And no Alfred is not a "Launcher" in my opinion. no one uses Alfred as "just a Launcher". Also, about: I Think you can let the user choose how "noisy" or not he want's he's search results to be, just like you do with other file types, like this: I'm also switching to spotlight again, because is a very main thing in my searching workflow, and it's really disappointing that Alfred doesn't support it. i think it's really should be added.
  2. Hi there, Thanks, but: It doesn't work for this workflow: The pasted text is stayed in clipboard.
  3. If I use a keyword element in my workflow. and use (for example) the keyword "pure css triangle" and set it to "no argument, Then when I search Alfred for "pure" I will see this workflow in the results. But if I will type "css" or "triangle" in Alfred I won't see it in the results. I think it really should be showing in the results when you type a part of a keyword and not necessarily the beginning of the keyword. People who use workflows usually use a lot of them and can't remember the exact keyword they set.
  4. Is it possible? I know i can take the current clipboard object and save it and then add it to clipboard again. but i'm asking if there's a smiple way to that :)
  5. That's really overwhelming for me. can you please make a simple example of using one variable in alfredscript? Thanks any way!
  6. Hi there i have a workflow where a hotkey would trigger the "Keyword" input and the pass the argument into a var utility and set "title" var to the current query. In the end i have an alfred script which will post to wordpress self hosted blog. I have tried this: on alfred_script(q) set myBlogUsername to "myusername" set myBlogPass to "mypassword" set poststrut to {post_type:"post", post_status:"publish", post_format:"status", post_title:"{var:title}", post_content:"test"} tell application "https://myblogdomain.com//xmlrpc.php" set myPosts to call xmlrpc {method name:"wp.newPost", parameters:{"1", myBlogUsername, myBlogPass, poststrut}} return myPosts end tell end alfred_script But it won't pass the var, just use it as a string. i also tried {$title} and ${title}...
  7. I can use F2, F3 and so... but when i try to assign F1 it does nothing. I tried to search for apps that may use it, but it seem's there nothing else using it. Is there a way (in BigSur) to find out if something is using it? Thanks, Ben
  8. I didn't get the sound but found the conflict! thank you very much!
  9. I have the option to not use the function keys, so my F1-F12 are used as regular keys and i have a lot of workflows assigned to those keys. For some reason i can't assign F11 and F12. I have checked in the system preferences that those are not assigned to any other process. If it matters: I use latest Alfred version and macbook air with BigSur.
  10. +1 (i use "keyboard maestro" for stuff like that for now): (Even with inserted user input)
  11. Ok, Thanks. it would be very useful for me for sure. for now it makes alfred not so useful as a "snippet manager". i guess i will use keymaestro for now. waiting for it to happen
  12. you mean that any workflow that starts with a snippet trigger will show in the snippets viwer? If that's the case, i guess this will solve my problem is it planned to be any time soon?
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