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  1. I didn't get the sound but found the conflict! thank you very much!
  2. I have the option to not use the function keys, so my F1-F12 are used as regular keys and i have a lot of workflows assigned to those keys. For some reason i can't assign F11 and F12. I have checked in the system preferences that those are not assigned to any other process. If it matters: I use latest Alfred version and macbook air with BigSur.
  3. +1 (i use "keyboard maestro" for stuff like that for now): (Even with inserted user input)
  4. Ok, Thanks. it would be very useful for me for sure. for now it makes alfred not so useful as a "snippet manager". i guess i will use keymaestro for now. waiting for it to happen
  5. you mean that any workflow that starts with a snippet trigger will show in the snippets viwer? If that's the case, i guess this will solve my problem is it planned to be any time soon?
  6. It doesn't trigger it. it opens the workflow settings panel.
  7. Btw - just to explain my goal: I code. I love using snippets. But i also love using advanced snippets (workflows). I want to be able to quickly search (not auto expand text) my snippets and my advanced snippets (workflows), in one place. For now, i can search snippets in one place and the advanced snippets (workflows) in another, and it's very inconvenient when you have a lot of snippets (and advanced snippets).
  8. I know you can use a keyword for showing snippets in the regular alfred serach and i know there is this seperate snippets search option. My question is is it possible to just show snippets with the regular results together in the search? Thanks, Ben
  9. I want to use this script: But instead of "choose folder" just auto use the current selected folder. How can i do that? "get selection" doesn't work.
  10. I tried using: echo 'this<br>and that'; and echo 'this \n and that'; but both when sent to "Large type" output, output: this and that (one line). How can i add a line break from php script to "Large Type" output?
  11. When i use Hotkey trigger and choose the Argument "Selection in macOS" It passes the selected text to next action - which is great! that's what i want. But then i want to be able to past the clipboard content to input in that workflow, but i can't, because the clipboard content becomes the selected text. How can i pass the selected text without loosing the clipboard content? Thanks! Ben
  12. Is it possible to make a workflow which will trigger action on files selected in the finder? For example if i select files in finder and hit the workflow hotkey it will open those files in a specific app (which i will select with the "Open File" action). ? Thanks, Ben
  13. Thanks @Newbie I will change my ways! :)))))))
  14. Ok, first of all it is possible, using "Karabiner elements". Second: please don't answer questions on the internet when your answer is "you can't". you don't know enough to say that. so just don't answer.
  15. How can i trigger Alfred workflow with an apple keyboard function key without pressing the "fn" key? I want to use most of the features regularly (volume up, volume down, play pause...) but i want to use F2 F3 F4 for workflows without pressing the "fn" key.
  16. Is there a way when to use the {query} but uppercase like you can with dynamic variables ({var:result.uppercase} for example) ?
  17. 1. Is it possible to clear the input? so if i set keyword input, add it to a variable, then i want to input another input i don't want to have to manually erase to first input, i want it to be cleared after pressing Enter. 2. Is it possible to trigger and add keyword in the same time? So let's say my trigger is typing "mytrigger" and i want it to take "myword" as key word, so i will type "mytrigger myword"?
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