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  1. Actually, just noticed that Spotifious sets the path to `/usr/local/bin` explicitly in the script filter, so it will pick up Homebrew PHP if it's there. # Add Homebrew to path for those who need :) export PATH="/usr/local/bin:${PATH}" php -f main.php -- "{query}" # In case you are experiencing unsolveable issues, # you can generate a log file to help me. Modify the # first line of this script so it looks like this: # php -f main.php -- "{query}" | tee ~/Desktop/Spotifious.log
  2. Duh, you're right. Put in the absolute path to the system PHP ('/usr/bin/php') and it works again. Was using the Homebrew version based on the path.
  3. Doesn't seem to work with Alfred 4. I'm getting a segmentation fault on the main.php script when I start Spotifious in Alfred 4. [10:49:11.232] ERROR: Spotifious[Script Filter] Code 139: /bin/bash: line 3: 50585 Segmentation fault: 11 php -f main.php -- "" Press the hotkey See "Getting Spotifious data..." After a few seconds, goes back to the regular Alfred prompt (Tried reinstalling)
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