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  1. This workflow is amazing. Thanks for sharing it! I am getting a few issues though. un : this command only sometimes creates a new sheet. Mostly it opens ulysses and does nothing else. I believe, but am not certain, that it will never create a new sheet in a group I have created, but will always create a new sheet if I select the "inbox" as the destination. uo : this command typically calls command-o to whatever app is open when I invoke it. Thus, it will work if Ulysses is already open, but not if some other app is open.
  2. Tried this out a few times, and it looks like it works great. This workflow works great for me--no worries if you've not time to improve it! Thanks so much for making this small change for me. I was able to customize some elements of the script, but the sort mechanism is over my head.
  3. Hi Stephen, I've finally gotten around to experimenting with your export script. It's amazing! With devonThink's new support of Markdown, this makes it easy to dump MD into DT. I've just got a question about customizing the sort in the script. Would it be possible to have the highlight's sorted by page number (instead of alpha or timestamp)? Thanks again for making these tools, and packaging them for easy use. Derek
  4. I just got it working. Turns out the file types were different on each computer. I dragged the files into the file type window on the workflow setup and now it's working fine on both computers.
  5. I reindexed--no joy. Still not working. I can see the file filter as a result when i type "p" (the keyword i associated with it), but when I press space and the query, no results other than the defaults.
  6. Yes, it is the same user name, for whatever that's worth. And I can find the file via Alfred or Spotlight just fine--that directory was already indexed. I created the file filter to reduce the number of false positives. But, I'll try to reindex just to make sure.
  7. I created a file filter workflow on my desktop computer, where everything works as expected (I type "p" "space" "query" and get results from the correct folder). On my laptop, where Alfred is synced via Dropbox, the file filter does not return results--it presents the fallback search options. The file filter is set to a Dropbox path, so the path is the same on both computers. Will this type of workflow not sync? Is there some other procedure to follow? Thanks, Derek
  8. tsigo's fix is only partially working for me on Mavericks--is it still working for others? If nvAlt is not currently open, this workflow will open nvAlt, but not insert the search string. If nvAlt is currently open, the workflow works as expected: puts the search string in the omnibar of nvalt. Curious to hear if this is my problem, or if others are experiencing it as well.
  9. OSX 10.7.5 Alfred 2.0.2 (178) When I search for folders (by first pressing spacebar to enter file search mode), then highlight the search results, then press "return", the folder is opened up in the Finder. However, I have this option unselected in the preferences (I want the folder to be navigated in Alfred). I have checked and unchecked this option to try and reset it, to no avail.
  10. solved my own problem. Adapted the existing template workflow for opening image files in Safari. Really easy, but here it is if you just want to get going: http://d.pr/f/AwL8 Basically, if you search for a PDF, "Open in Skim" will be available as a file action. If you use it a lot, it will be the first one.
  11. Hi, I often use iTunes to control a set of airplay speakers in the evening. In the morning, I then try to use the mini-player to start some tracks to play through the computer speaker. However, because iTunes is set to use the airplay speakers, nothing happens. Is there some way to change the airplay device for iTunes via alfred? If not, could this serve as a feature request? Thanks! Derek
  12. Hi, When I search for and select PDF files within Alfred, I nearly always want to open them with the program "Skim." However, I don't set this at the OS level because when I just double click a PDF file (say, on the desktop), I'd rather have it open in Preview. So, is there a way to A) set PDF files to always open in a particular program via Alfred? or reorder the "Open With" results list by frequency of use rather than alphabetical? I know it's easy enough to simply type "sk" in the Open With list to filter to Skim, but easier yet to simply press "enter" when Skim is the first result be
  13. Hi, I can't figure out how to add ~/Library/Scripts to the search scope so that these scripts show up in Alfred. When I press the + button, my ~/Library is hidden and I can't select it. I use TotalFinder and am able to view hidden files in the Finder, but I guess this doesn't transfer over? Am I missing something? Thanks! Derek
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